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All abstracts by Tom Andersen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sulphur Isotopes and Helvine-Group Minerals in the Larvik Plutonic Complex, Norway (LPC)
Gulbransen EH, Friis H, Hutchison W & Andersen T

(2023) Semiquantitative Modelling of Parameters Controlling Agpaitic Crystallization in Nepheline Syenite in the Pilanesberg Alkaline Complex, South Africa
Andersen T, Elburg MA & Friis H

(2023) Mantle Sources for Europe’s Largest REE Belt (Gardar Province, SW Greenland): Insights from Nd-Hf Isotopes
Beard CD, Finch AA, Borst AM, Hutchison W, Goodenough K, Millar I, Andersen T, Williams HM & Weller OM

(2019) Detrital Zircon from the Witwatersrand Supergroup: Reasons for Discordance
Elburg M, Kristoffersen M & Andersen T

(2019) Radiation Damage and U-Pb Discordance in Detrital Zircon in Palaeoproterozoic Sandstones from South Africa
Andersen T & Elburg M

(2017) The Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Gardar Rift Magmatism: Hf Isotopic Clues to Archean Crustal Recycling
Finch A, Borst A, Hutchison W, Horsburgh N, Andersen T & Simonsen S

(2017) Controls on the HFSE Mineralogy of Alkaline Rocks: Peralkalinity vs. Volatiles
Andersen T & Elburg M

(2017) A Potassic Magma Series in the Pilanesberg Alkaline Complex?
Elburg M, Andersen T, Mahlaku M, Cawthorn G & Kramers J

(2015) Palaeoarchean Intermediate – Felsic Volcanics of the Toggekry Formation, Nondweni Greenstone Belt, RSA: A Rifted Volcanic Arc?
Elburg M, Jele N, Andersen T, Watkeys M, Agangi A & Hofmann A

(2015) How Robust is the Crustal Evolution Information from Detrital Zircon?
Andersen T, Elburg M & Kristoffersen M

(2014) A Combined Zircon LAM-ICPMS-MC U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Study of Variscan S-Type Granites from Sabugal, Central Portugal
Teixeira R, Neiva A, Silva P, Gomes M & Andersen T

(2014) Geochemistry of the 1066 Ma Little Hatchet Rapakivi Granite – Gabbro Pluton, New Mexico, USA
Heinonen A, McLemore V, Rämö T, Andersen T & Mänttäri I

(2013) Eoarchaean Crust in the Dniestr-Bug Region, Ukrainian Shield – Pb-Hf-O Isotope Constraints
Claesson S, Shumlyanskyy L, Bibikova E, Billström K, Whitehouse M & Andersen T

(2013) Crustal Sources of Peraluminous Granites: The Montes de Toledo Batholith, Iberian Hercynian Belt
Merino E, Villaseca C, Pérez-Soba C, Orejana D, Belousova E & Andersen T

(2011) U-Pb and Lu-Hf Isotopic Constraints on the Genesis of a Variscan Two-Mica Granite from Carrazeda de Ansiães
Teixeira R, Neiva A, Gomes M & Andersen T

(2011) Volcanism on Methana (W Aegean Arc): Magma Mixing, Crustal Contamination & Mantle Sources
Smet I, De Pelsmaeker E, Elburg M, Vanhaecke F & Andersen T

(2009) The Dawn and Destruction of Gondwana – Isotopic Record from Antarctica and Mozambique
Kurhila M, Rämö T, Andersen T, Foland K, Luttinen A, Heinonen J, Romu I & Jacobs J

(2007) Petrogenesis of Pyrochlore from the Motzfeldt Center, SW Greenland
McCreath J, Finch A, Andersen T, Donaldson C & Armour-Brown A

(2007) 3500 Ma of Crustal Evolution in Fennoscandia as Seen from Hf Isotopes in Zircons from Granitoids
Andersen T, Lauri LS & Andersson UB

(2007) Provenance of Lower Cretaceous Sediments from Svalbard and NE Greenland; A Detrital Zircon Study
Rohr TS, Andersen T & Dypvik H

(2004) Sveconorwegian Underplating and Granitic Magmatism in the Baltic Shield: LAM-ICPMS Hf Isotope Evidence
Andersen T, Griffin W & Sylvester A

(2004) Crustal Processing: The Finnmarkian Orogen Reassessed
Corfu F, Fernando R, Torsvik T, Andersen T, Ramsay D & Ashwal L

(2002) The Mesoproterozoic Continental Margin of the Baltic Shield: Geochemical Evidence for a Cordillera-Type Setting
Andersen T & Griffin W

(2000) Nature and Distribution of Deep Crustal Reservoirs in the South-Western Part of the Baltic Shield: Evidence from Nd, Sr and Pb Isotope Data on Late Sveconorwegian Granites
Andersen T, Andresen A & Sylvester AG

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