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All abstracts by Sebastian Mergelsberg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Low Temperature Magnesite Growth during Forsterite Carbonation in Thin H2O Films
Loring J, Mergelsberg S, Qafoku O, Thompson CJ, Ilton ES & Kerisit S

(2020) Heavy Metal Incorporation during Goethite Oriented Attachment
Mergelsberg S, Zhu G, Soltis J, McBriarty M, Nakouzi E, De Yoreo J & Ilton E

(2018) Carbonate Ion Concentration as a Master Variable in the Formation of Geological and Biological CaCO3
Dove P, Mergelsberg S, Han N, De Yoreo J & Rimstidt D

(2018) Utilizing in situ Techniques to Examine Structural Impacts of the Initial Ion Ratios on Calcium Phosphate Precursors
Hoeher A, Mergelsberg S, Borkiewicz O & Michel FM

(2018) The Mg-Dependent Solubility and Local Structure(s) of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC)
Mergelsberg S, De Yoreo J, Michel M, Rimstidt D & Dove P

(2018) Molecular Structure of Crustacean Exoskeletons and Relationships to Biomineral Toughness and Rigidity
Dove P, Mergelsberg S & Michel M

(2014) Deciphering Chemical and Morphological Patterns of Mineralization
Dove P, Blue C, Mergelsberg S, Giuffre A & De Yoreo J

(2012) Carbon Isotope Diffusion in Quartz & Apatite and its Relationship to Biosignatures
Mergelsberg S, Cherniak D & Watson B

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