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All abstracts by Per Andersson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Balancing the Modern Marine Barium Isotope Budget with Estuarine Processes
Bridgestock L, Nathan J, Paver R, Hsieh Y-TA, Porcelli D, Tanzil JTI, Holdship P, Carrasco G, Annammala KV, Swarzenski P, Andersson P & Henderson GM

(2017) Seasonal Variations in the Sources and Formation of Fe-Bearing Particles in the Lena River Basin; Evidence from Iron Isotopes
Hirst C, Andersson P, Mörth M, Kutscher L, Murphy M, Schmitt M, Petrov R, Maximov T & Porcelli D

(2017) Influence of Deep Water Formation and Boundary Scavenging on 231Pa and 230Th Distribution in the Mediterranean Sea
Roy-Barman M, Gdaniec S, Foliot L, Thil F, Burckel P, Andersson P, Mörth C-M, Masque P & Garcia-Orellana JG-O

(2017) 231Pa and 230Th in the Barents Sea and the Nansen Basin: Implications for Shelf-Basin Interactions and Changes in Particle Flux
Gdaniec S, Roy-Barman M, Levier M, Missiaen L, Dapoigny A, Valk O, Rutgers van der Loeff M & Andersson P

(2015) Lithium Isotopes in Waters Draining a Large Permafrost-Dominated Watershed: The Lena River
Murphy M, Pogge von Stranmann P, Porcelli D, Hirst C, Andersson P, Kutscher L & Maximov T

(2015) Export and Sources of Organic Carbon in the Lena River Catchment, Siberia
Kutscher L, Andersson P, Mörth C-M, Porcelli D, Hirst C & Maximov T

(2015) Modelling the Behavior of Natural U and Ra in Forsmark, Sweden
Krall L, Trezzi G, Garcia-Orellana J, Andersson P, Tullborg E-L, Auque L & Porcelli D

(2015) Chromium Isotopes in Arctic Ocean Water
Amor K, Porcelli D, Andersson P & Galer S

(2015) The Formation and Transport of Iron in the Lena River: Insights from Microscopy and Modelling
Hirst C, Kutscher L, Shaw S, Burke IT, Maximov T, Mörth C-M, Andersson P & Porcelli D

(2013) Microaerophilic Biological Methane Cycling 2.6-2.1 Billion Years ago
Chi Fru E, Hammarlund E, Pemba L, Bengtson S, El Albani A, Andersson P, Mörth M & Arvestål E

(2012) Si Isotope Signatures Preserved in BSi Hold Temperature Information
Sun X, Andersson P, Humborg C, Conley D, Crill P & Moerth C-M

(2012) Natural Fe Fertilization Mechanisms in the Amundsen Sea Polynya, Antarctica
Sherrell R, Severmann S, Lagerstrom M, Esswein K, Ndungu K, Andersson P, Stammerjohn S & Yager P

(2011) Chromium Isotopes in the World’s Oceans: Potential Tracers of Redox Environments
Amor K, Galer S, Andersson P & Porcelli D

(2011) Cd Behaviour in Arctic Estuarine Systems Using Cd Isotopes and Concentrations Analysis
Lambelet M, Rehkämper M, Van De Flierdt T, Xue Z, Kreissig K, Coles B, Andersson P & Porcelli D

(2011) Aeolian Iron Flux in the South-Western Ross Sea, Antarctica
Winton VH, Millet M-A, Bertler N, Dunbar G, Delmonte B & Andersson P

(2009) Fractionation of Iron Isotopes during Estuarine Mixing in Ob, Yenisey and Lena Freshwater Plumes
Ingri J, Gelting J, Nordblad F, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Andersson P, Porcelli D, Gustafsson Ö, Semiletov I & Öhlander B

(2009) Hafnium in the Arctic Ocean
Porcelli D, Zimmermann B, Frank M, Andersson P, Baskaran M, Lee DC & Halliday A

(2009) The Importance of River Water Inflow and Shelf Sediment-Sea Water Exchange in the East Siberian Sea for the Nd Isotopic Composition of Arctic Ocean Water
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Gelting J, Nordblad F, Gustafsson O & Semiletov I

(2007) Fractionation of Iron Isotopes in Shallow-Marine Ferromanganese Concretions
Ingri J, Rodushkin I, Malinovsky D, Hålenius U, Baxter D & Andersson P

(2007) Iron Isotope Variations in Holocene Baltic Sea Sediments
Fehr M, Andersson P, Hålenius U & Mörth C-M

(2007) Nd Isotopes in Bering Strait and Chukchi Sea Water
Dahlqvist R, Andersson P & Porcelli D

(2007) The Sources of Nd Isotopes in Arctic Ocean Water
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Dahlqvist R, Frank M, Björk G & Gustafsson Ö

(2007) The First Truly Oxic Sub-Basin in Earth's History: The Paleoproterozoic Hotazel Formation, South Africa
Bau M, Alexander B, Andersson P & Gutzmer J

(2007) Nd Isotopes in Archean Water Masses: The Importance of Mantle- Versus Continentally-Derived Inputs
Alexander B, Bau M & Andersson P

(2007) A Holocene Strontium Isotope Record of Palaeosalinity for the Littorina Sea Stage of the Baltic Sea
Widerlund A & Andersson P

(2006) The Nd isotopic composition in the Barents Sea, Nansen Basin and Fram Strait: Water mass exchange between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean
Andersson P, Porcelli D, Frank M & Bjork G

(2006) Arctic Ocean Nd isotope compositions, water mass distributions, and freshwater inputs
Porcelli D, Andersson P, Frank M & Baskaran M

(2006) Iron isotopes in sedimentary pyrites from the Baltic Sea
Fehr M, Andersson P & Hålenius U

(2006) Vertical REE profiles in water and DGT in the central Arctic Ocean
Dahlqvist R, Andersson P, Ingri J & Porcelli D

(2006) Tracing riverine 234U/238U inputs into the Arctic Ocean
Andersen MB, Stirling CH, Porcelli D, Halliday AN, Andersson PS & Baskaran M

(2004) Arctic Ocean Water Mass Distribution and Mixing from Dissolved 10Be and 9Be
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday A, Kubik P, Hattendorf B & Guenther D

(2004) Variations in Colloidal Carrier Phases and Size Fractions Associated with the Rare Earth Elements in a Boreal River
Dahlqvist R, Ingri J, Andersson P & Andersson K

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation in River Colloidal Matter
Ingri J, Malinovskiy D, Rodushkin I, Baxter D, Andersson P & Öhlander B

(2004) Hydrodynamic Sorting of Washington Margin Sediments Using SPLITT Fractionation
Coppola L, Gustafsson Ö, Andersson P, Uchida M & Eglinton T

(2004) The Isotopic Composition of Sr and Nd in Arctic Ocean Ice Rafted Sediments: Implications for Provenance and Transport
Andersson P, Baskaran M, Porcelli D, Frank M, Ingri J & Gustafsson O

(2004) Silicon Isotope Measurements Using MC-ICP-MS: Early Results from Weathering Studies
Land M & Andersson P

(2002) Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals during a Coastal Bloom in the Baltic Sea
Ingri J, Larsson J, Nordling S, Gustafsson Ö, Rönnegård J & Andersson P

(2002) The Behaviour of 10Be and 9Be in the Arctic Ocean: Relationship to Water Mass Distribution and Particle Flux
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday AN, Kubik PW & Hattendorf B

(2000) The Ce-Anomaly in River Suspended Matter an Indicator of Hydrogeochemical Processes in a Boreal Catchment
Ingri J, Andersson PS, Widerlund A, Öhlander B, Gustafsson Ö & Land M

(2000) Weathering, Transport and Sedimentation of Rare Earth Elements and Nd-Isotopes in a Boreal River Basin – Brackish Bay Area
Andersson PS, Ingri J, Öhlander B, Land M, Widerlund A, Dahlqvist R & Gustafsson Ö

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