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All abstracts by Zhenbing She in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Impact of Multi-Stage Metamorphism on Preservation of Traces of Life in ~2.5 Ga Banded Iron Formations, North China
Nan J, Peng Z, Wang C, Papineau D, She Z, Guo Z, Wang C & Tao R

(2020) Mineralogical Evidence for Intermittent Shallow Ocean Oxygenation in the Aftermath of the Marinoan Glaciation
Jiao L, She Z & Papineau D

(2020) Macroscopic Fossils of Microbial Communities in Eoarchean-Hadean Jasper from the Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt
Papineau D, She Z, Dodd M, Iacoviello F, Lan Z, Hauri E, Shearing P & Little C

(2020) Redox Variations in the Early Ediacaran Shallow Ocean: Evidence from the Doushantuo Formation, South China
She Z, Alagabri M & Jiao L

(2019) Widespread Putrefaction in Sediments after the Palaeoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event
Papineau D, She Z, Purohit R, Bernard S, Devine K, Li C, Shen B, Fogel M, Karhu J, Bleeker W & Hazen R

(2012) Carbon Chemostratigraphy of the Paleoproterozoic Belcher, Nastapoka, and Richmond Gulf Groups
Interlichia K, Papineau D, Bleeker W, Hallmann C, Swarth C, She Z & Fogel M

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