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All abstracts by Laurent André in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Reactive Transport Modelling with a Coupled OpenFOAM®-PHREEQC Platform
Pavuluri S, Soulaine C, Claret F & Andre L

(2021) An Improved Thermodynamic Model Based on Pitzer’s Equations to Describe the Chemical Behaviour of Complex Chloride-Type Brines up to Salt Solubility and Elevated Temperatures, for Geothermal and Economic Geology Applications
Lassin A, Debure M, Tuduri J & Andre L

(2021) Chemical Degradation of Polymers and Additives in Alkaline Solution: Influence of Temperature
Ben Zeineb H, Le Milbeau C, Blanc P, Ollivier P, Andre L & Boussafir M

(2020) Thermal Contribution of Serpentinization to Temperature Variations in the Subsea Floor
Lassin A, André L & Debure M

(2020) Improvements in Pitzer's Database for Calculating CO2 Solubility in the Na-Ca-Cl Saline Aqueous Systems
Felipe dos Santos P, Ducousso M, Andre L, Contamine F & Cézac P

(2019) Calcium Silica Speciation and Carbonation in Cement Systems
Blanc P, Tasi A, Gaona X, Andre L, Grangeon S, Lach A, Altmaier M & Madé B

(2017) Reactive Transport Modelling of Calcium Carbonate Formation in a Lab-on-A-Chip Device at 25℃
Lassin A, André L, Devau N, Lach A, Beuvier T, Gibaud A, Gaboreau S & Azaroual M

(2017) Simulation of the Impact of SO2 Co-injected with CO2 on the Reservoir-Rock Reactivity
Mathurin F, André L & Parmentier M

(2013) Thermoddem: An Example of Alive Thermochemical Database
Lassin A, Blanc P, André L, Marty N, Parmentier M, Moyard S, Azaroual M, Piantone P, Gaucher EC, Kervévan C & Tournassat C

(2012) Chemistry of H-Li-Na-K-Cl-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations (< 40 Molal) and Temperatures (0 – 250Â℃)
Lassin A, Christov C, Andre L & Azaroual M

(2011) Chemistry of Li-Na-K-Oh-H2O Brines up to High Concentrations and Temperatures
Lassin A, Christov C, André L & Azaroual M

(2009) Pitzer Parametrization Constrained by Density: Application to Natural and Industrial Systems
Lassin A, Kervévan C, André L & Azaroual M

(2009) A Methodology to Estimate Pitzer Interaction Parameters
Andre L, Lassin A & Azaroual M

(2008) Thermokinetic Simulation of Microbial Respiration and Dissolution Precipitation Reactions of Minerals
Azaroual M, Andre L & Parmentier M

(2007) Reactivity of Nitrates in the Near Field of type-B Nuclear Waste Cells
Andre L, Azaroual M, Pauwels H, Albrecht A & Romero M-A

(2003) Distribution and Implication of Silicon Isotopic Composition in Marine and Freshwaters
Alleman L, Cardinal D, Kimirei I & André L

(2000) Geochemistry of Surface Sediments, Filtered and Sediment Trap Particles from the Sub Antarctic and Polar Front Zones of the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania
Cardinal D, André L, Dehairs F, Cattaldo T, Fagel N & Trull T

(2000) On the Potential of Bivalve Shells to Record Environmental Conditions: A LA-ICP-MS Study of Trace Element Distributions along a Growth/time Axis
Lazaret C, Vander Putten E, André L & Dehairs F

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