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All abstracts by Meinrat O. Andreae in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Black, Anthropogenic, Manganese-Rich Crusts on the Freiburg Minster
Macholdt D, Herrmann S, Jochum KP, Kilcoyne ALD, Laubscher T, Pfisterer JHK, Pöhlker C, Schwager B, Weber B, Weigand M, Domke KF & Andreae MO

(2017) Re-evaluation of the Global Dust Longwave Direct Radiative Effect from Laboratory Estimates of the Refractive Index and Model Simulations
Di Biagio C, Formenti P, Balkanski Y, Caponi L, Cazaunau M, Pangui E, Journet E, Nowak S, Caquineau S, Andreae MO, Kandler K, Saeed T, Piketh S, Seibert D, Williams E, Boucher O & Doussin J-F

(2017) Controls on Upper Ocean Cd Isotope Fractionation
Xie RC, Janssen DJ, Abouchami W, Galer SJG, Rijkenberg MJA, Cullen JT, de Baar HJW, De Jong J & Andreae MO

(2016) STXM-NEXAFS and fs LA-ICP-MS Investigations of Rock Varnish
Macholdt DS, Poehlker C, Foerster J-D, Weber B, Kilcoyne ALD, Weigand M, Mueller M, Lieberwirth I, Jochum KP, Kappl M, Haug G & Andreae MO

(2016) Combined Th/U, Pa/U and Ra/Th Dating of Fossil Reef Corals
Obert C, Scholz D, Lippold J, Felis T, Jochum KP & Andreae MO

(2016) Fe/Mn and Trace Elements in Layered Varnish on Meteorites for Paleoclimate Investigations
Jochum KP, Macholdt D, Zipfel J, Stoll B, Weis U, Haug G & Andreae M

(2015) Combined Th/U, Pa/U and Ra/Th Dating of Fossil Reef Corals
Obert C, Scholz D, Lippold J, Felis T, Jochum K & Andreae M

(2015) Radiogenic Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes in Deflatable Soil Phases from North Africa
Singh S, Galer S, Kandler K, Abouchami W, Jotter R & Andreae M

(2015) Reference Values Following ISO Guidelines for 20 most Frequently Requested Rock Reference Materials
Weis U, Jochum K, Schwager B, Stoll B & Andreae M

(2015) Desert Varnish and Dust: Nano- and Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS Studies of Major and Trace Elements
Otter LM, Macholdt DS, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Weber B, Scholz D, Al-Amri A & Andreae MO

(2015) Microanalytical Investigations of Rock Varnish from Different Regions
Macholdt DS, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Otter LM, Pöhlker C, Weber B, Müller M, Kappl M, DiGregorio BE, Al-Amri A & Andreae MO

(2015) Highly Resolved Mn/Fe Microanalyses in Desert Varnish for Paleoclimate Reconstruction
Jochum K, Macholdt D, Otter L, Pöhlker C, Weber B, Stoll B, Weis U, Al-Amri A, Müller M, Kappl M & Andreae M

(2014) Non-Matrix-Matched Calibration of Femtosecond LA-ICP-MS Applied to Geochemical and Environmental Analysis
Jochum K, Macholdt D, Stoll B, Weis U, Jacob D, Mertz-Kraus R & Andreae M

(2014) Rock Varnish from Different Locations: An Insight into the Genesis Using in situ Analytical Methods
Macholdt D, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Weber B, Pöhlker C & Andreae M

(2014) The Radiogenic Isotope Signature of Aeolian Dust over Barbados
Kumar A, Abouchami W, Galer S, Prospero J & Andreae M

(2014) Biological Aerosol Particles and Ice Nuclei that Come out during the Rain
Huffman A, Prenni AJ, DeMott P, Pöhlker C, Mason R, Si M, Schumacher C, Li Y, Fröhlich-Nowoisky J, Tobo Y, Després V, Schmer B, Gochis D, Andreae M, Kreidenweis S, Bertram A & Pöschl U

(2013) Isotopic Characterization of Winter Time Aeolian Dust over Cape Verde
Kumar A, Abouchami W, Galer S, Fomba K & Andreae M

(2013) High-Precision LA-ICP-MS Analysis of Microanalytical Reference Materials for Environmental Research
Stoll B, Jochum K, Weis U & Andreae M

(2013) Ge/Si Variations in the Deep Sea Deduced from Microanalyses of Giant Spicules of the Sponge Monorhaphis chuni
Jochum K, Andreae M, Schuessler J, Wang X, Stoll B, Weis U & Müller W

(2013) Matrix-Independent Calibration of LA-ICP-MS Using Femtosecond-Uv-Lasers?
Weis U, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Jacob D, Mertz-Kraus R & Andreae MO

(2013) Can Saharan Dust Explain Extensive Clay Deposits in the Amazon Basin? Radiogenic Isotopes as Tracers of Transatlantic Transport
Andreae MO, Abouchami W, Näthe K, Kumar A, Galer S, Jochum KP, Williams E, Horbe AMC, Rosa J & Harrison G

(2012) Combined Silicon, Oxygen Isotope and Trace Element Microanalysis of Giant Spicules of the Deep-Sea Sponge Monorhaphis chuni for Paleoclimate Research
Jochum K, Wang X, Schuessler J, Sinha B, Stoll B, Weis U, Andreae M & Muller W

(2011) Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in the Climate System
Andreae MO

(2011) In situ Pb and U Isotope Analysis of Single Ostracod Shells from Nam Co, Tibet
Jochum KP, Scholz D, Frenzel P, Gleixner G, Guenther F, Schwalb A, Stoll B, Weis U & Andreae M

(2011) Cadmium Isotopes in the Western North Atlantic – GEOTRACES Cruise PE319
Powell C, Abouchami W, Galer S, Andreae M, de Jong J, Gerringa L & de Baar H

(2010) Combined Th-U Isotope and Multi-Element Analyses by LA-ICP-MS
Mertz-Kraus R, Jochum KP, Sharp WD, Stoll B, Weis U & Andreae MO

(2009) Properties of Natural Biogenic Aerosols Measured at the AMazonian Aerosol characteriZation Experiment (AMAZE-08
Artaxo P, Martin S & Andreae M

(2009) Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols and their Effects on Clouds, Precipitation and Climate
Andreae MO

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