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All abstracts by Brian Tattitch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Is the Primary Sulfur Isotope Signature of a Porphyry Cu-Magma Preserved in Zircon-Hosted Apatite?
Consuma G, Kemp A, Martin LAJ, Hagemann S, Fiorentini M & Tattitch B

(2022) High Temperature (>800℃) Brine and Sulfide Melt Interaction during the Formation of Northern Bushveld Magmatic Sulfide Cu-Ni-Pge Deposits
McFall KA, McDonald I, Yudovskaya MA, Kinnaird J, Hanley JJ, Kerr M & Tattitch B

(2022) Nanoparticle Suspensions Elucidate High-Grade Gold Mineralisation Processes
Petrella L, Thebaud N, Fougerouse D, Tattitch B, Martin LAJ, Turner S, Suvorova A & Gain S

(2018) Zircon-Hosted Melt Inclusions in Porphyry Systems
Butters D, Blundy J, Tattitch B, McCuaig C & Hawkesworth C

(2016) Age and Duration of Igneous Activities in the Cerro Colorado Cu Mine, N. Chile, Constrained by Zircon Geochronology
Tsang DPW, Wallis S & Tattitch B

(2016) Magmatic Cu-Mo Partitioning: Influence of ∑Cl, ƒO2, and ƒS2
Tattitch B & Blundy J

(2015) Evolution and Differentiation of Sulphur in Sub Arc Environment
Matjuschkin V, Blundy J, Brooker R & Tattitch B

(2013) Control of Oxygen Fugacity in Piston Cylinder Experiments
Matjuschkin V, Tattitch B & Blundy JD

(2013) Mo-W-Re-au-cu Partitioning between Vapor, Brine and Felsic Melt: Super-Solidus to Sub-Solidus
Tattitch B, Blundy J, Candela P & Piccoli P

(2012) Copper Partitioning in CO2-Bearing Melt-Vapor-Brine Systems
Tattitch B, Candela P, Piccoli P, Bodnar R & Fedele L

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