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All abstracts by Muriel Andreani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fe, Cu and Zn Isotopes: Proxies to Constrain the Magmato-Hydrothermal History at Oceanic Core Complexes (Mid-Atlantic Ridge Kane Area, MARK, 23°N, ODP Leg 153)
Coltat R, Debret B, Tilhac R, Andreani M, Patten CGC, Godard M & Escartin J

(2023) Hydrothermal Processes within Mantle-Dominated Oceanic Lithosphere
Andreani M

(2023) Silicified Brecciated Fault Rocks from an Oceanic Detachment Fault at 13°20’N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Which Fluid Sources and Pathways?
Verlaguet A, Bonnemains D, Mevel C, Escartin J, Andreani M, Bourdelle F, Boiron M-C & Chavagnac V

(2022) H2-promoted Coevolution of Minerals and C in Ancient and Modern Rocks
Menez B, Andreani M, Sherwood Lollar PB, Pisapia C, Richard L & Schmitt-Kopplin P

(2022) Origin of Fe-Ca-Metasomatism and Associated Mineralization Hosted in Detachment-Related Exhumed Mantle Rocks at the MARK Area, 23°N, ODP Leg 153
Coltat R, Debret B, Godard M, Andreani M & Escartin J

(2021) Global Hydrogen Production in Subducting Slabs
Merdith A, Daniel I, Vitale Brovarone A, Sverjensky D, Andreani M & Williams S

(2021) Serpentinization in Formate-Bearing Fluids: An Experimental Approach at 300℃-25 MPa
Barbier S, Andreani M, Grossi V, Gaucher E, Sissmann O, Daniel I, Menez B, Antheaume I, Albalat E, Fellah C, Cardon H, Jame P, Saupin X & Bonjour E

(2020) Al and Fe Speciation in Natural Chrysotile, Lizardite and Antigorite, from Fe K-Edge XANES-EXAFS and 27Al NMR Spectroscopy
Munoz M, Ulrich M, Farges F, Lee D, Merkulova M, Andréani M & Mathon O

(2019) Transformation of Carbon during High-Pressure Serpentinization: Implication for Deep Carbon Storage at Forearc Mantle
Tao R, Daniel I, Andreani M, Montagnac G & Carbon H

(2017) Global Serpentinization and H2 Production at Mid-Ocean Ridges: 200 Ma to Present
Garcia del Real P, Daniel I, Andreani M, Wright N & Coltice N

(2014) Evolution of Iron Redox State in Serpentine from Mid-Ocean Ridge to Subduction Zone
Andreani M, Debret B & Munoz M

(2014) Multiphase Serpentinization at the Southwest Indian Ridge (62°-65°E)
Roumejon S, Cannat M, Agrinier P, Godard M & Andreani M

(2014) Kinetics of Serpentinization in Aluminium- and Carbonate-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids
Pens M, Andreani M, Daniel I, Perrillat J-P, Hernandez J-A & Cardon H

(2013) CO2 Mineralization in Percolated Olivine-Rich Rocks: Control of Olivine Crystallographic Orientation and Fluid Flux
Peuble S, Andreani M, Godard M, Van De Moortele B & Gouze P

(2013) Iron Oxidation State in Serpentine during Subduction: Implications on the Nature of the Released Fluids at Depth
Debret B, Andreani M, Munoz M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Julie C, Nicollet C & Schwartz S

(2011) Iron Speciation in Serpentine during Oceanic-Type Serpentinization
Andreani M, Munoz M, Marcaillou C & Delacour A

(2009) Experimental Study of Carbon Sequestration Reactions Controlled by the Percolation of CO2-rich Brine Through Peridotites
Andreani M, Luquot L, Gouze P, Godard M, Hoise E & Gibert B

(2008) An in situ Trace Elements Study of Serpentinites from the MARK Area (ODP Site 920, 23°N)
Andreani M, Godard M & Mével C

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