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All abstracts by Veerle Vandeginste in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Cation Release from Geothermal Reservoir Rocks
Belshaw G, Azis H, Sapiie B, Muljadi B & Vandeginste V

(2019) A Novel Geopolymer For Heavy Metals Removal
Hassan T & Vandeginste V

(2019) Rock-Fluid Interactions in Geothermal Reservoir Systems
Belshaw G, Gonciaruk A, Steer E, Alfiady A, Azis H, Muljadi B & Vandeginste V

(2019) Pyrite Dissolution Rate in Saline Fluids and Implications for Fracking
Vandeginste V, Siska A & Belshaw G

(2017) Element Mobilisation from Interaction of Fracking Fluids with Bowland Shale (UK)
Vandeginste V, Belshaw G & Player I

(2014) Impact of Crystal Size on Clumped Isotope Reordering in Dolomite
Vandeginste V & John C

(2013) Novel Method to Reconstruct Pressure: A Combined Clumped Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Technique
Vandeginste V & John C

(2012) Clumped Isotope Vs. Fluid Inclusion Thermometry in Crystals from Oman
Jourdan A-L, John C, Davis S & Vandeginste V

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