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All abstracts by Rommulo Vieira Conceicao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Faster Orthopyroxene Versus Olivine Serpentinization Rates during Experimental Peridotite Hydration at 230℃ and 13.4/20.7 MPa: Pressure Effects on Spinel Dissolution and Reaction Kinetics
de Melo Portella Y, Vieira Conceicao R, Siqueira TDA, Gomes LB & Iglesias RS

(2023) Evolution of Carbonatite and Silicate Melts Stable at the Same Pressure and Temperature Conditions in the Lithospheric Mantle
Marcon V, Gervasoni F, Vieira Conceicao R & Souza M

(2022) 3.64 – 2.80 Ga Crustal Differentiation in the Northern São Francisco Craton, Brazil
Gordilho Barbosa R, Ferreira ACD, Leitzke FP & Vieira Conceicao R

(2021) Eoarchean to Mesoarchean Crustal Evolution of the Northern São Francisco Craton, Brazil: Geochronological and Isotopic Perspectives
Gordilho Barbosa R, Vieira Conceicao R, Leitzke FP, Barbosa J, Tusch J, Münker C & Ferreira ACD

(2021) Magma Genesis in the Lithosphere-Asnthenosphere Boundary during Lithosphere Break up
Paula LT, Vieira Conceicao R, Gervasoni F & Thoaldo Romeiro M

(2020) Origin and Redox Conditions of RosáRio-6 Alkaline Occurrence, Southern Brazil: Implications for Mantle Conditions during Gondwana Breakup
Colombo Carniel L, Vieira Conceição R, Klemme S, Berndt J & Jalowitzki T

(2020) Carbonatite/Lamproite Liquid Imissibility in the Earth’s Mantle Through the Nefeline-Diopside-Kalsilite ±CO2, CH4, H2O Diagram
Vieira Conceicao R, Marcon VH, Wilbert de Souza MR, Colombo Carniel L, Schmitz Quinteiro RV, Rovane P, Pimentel Mizusaki AM & Schulz von Spitzenberger M

(2019) Are Juína Diamonds, Super Deep Diamonds?
Michelon Camarda C, Gervasoni F, Reis Jalowitzki TL, Grings Cedeno D, Vieira Conceição R, Dalla Costa MM, Carvalho AMG & Nogueira Neto JDA

(2019) Testing Partially Abiotic Origin of Pre-Salt Oils by Experimental Petrology
Vieira Conceição R, Szatmari P, Wilbert de Souza M, Colombo Carniel L, Grings Cedeño D, Schmitt Quinteiro R, Pimentel Mizusaki AM & de Melo Portella Y

(2019) Implications for Mantle Heterogeneity and Diamond Preservation Derived from RosáRio-6 Kimberlite, South of Brazil
Colombo Carniel L, Vieira Conceição R & Grings Cedeño D

(2019) Study of Leucite-Nepheline-Diopside and Kalsilite-Nepheline-Diopside Phase Diagrams at 4GPa Under Dry Conditions
Wilbert de Souza MR, Vieira Conceição R, Marcon V, Grings Cedeño D, Schmitz Quinteiro RV & Colombo Carniel L

(2019) Celadonite, One Efficient Transporter of K and Water into the Mantle
Schmitz Quinteiro RV, Vieira Conceição R, Wilbert de Souza MR, Grings Cadeño D & Colombo Carniel L

(2017) Celadonite Alteration, an Efficient Water and Potassium Transporter into the Mantle
Schmitz Quinteiro RV, Vieira Conceição R, Wilbert de Souza MR, Grings Cadeño D, Marcon VH & Colombo Carniel L

(2015) The Subduction Role in the Nitrogen Transport to the Deep Earth
Grings Cedeño D, Vieira Conceição R, Wilbert de Souza MR & Colombo Carniel L

(2014) Implication of Water Phase Condition on the K-, Nitrogen and La- Smectite-Muscovite Transition Under High Pressure and Application for Subduction Processes
Vieira Conceicao R, Colombo Carniel L, Stephani V & Balzaretti N

(2012) High Pressure and High Temeperature Effect on the Smectite Saturated with Lanthanum
Fiorini Stefani V, Vieira Conceicao R & Colombo Carniel L

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