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All abstracts by Philippe Blanc in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Thermodynamics of Zeolites: A Model of Polyhedral Contributions Based on a Variety of Independent Experimental Data
Lassin A, Guignot S, Blanc P & Madé B

(2021) Thermodynamics for Clay Minerals: Calculation Tools for Estimating Thermodynamic Properties
Blanc P, Gherardi F, Vieillard P, Marty N, Gailhanou H, Gaboreau S, Letat B, Geloni C, Gaucher E & Made B

(2021) Tourmalinisation in Peraluminous Granitic Context: From Experiment to Thermodynamic Modelling
Fort J, Sizaret S, Pichavant M, Lassin A, Blanc P, Tuduri J & Blein O

(2021) Themodynamic and Kinetic Factors during Smectite Evolution: A Study Based on Experiments and Thermodynamic Calculations
Zhang C, Blanc P, Petit S & He H

(2021) Chemical Degradation of Polymers and Additives in Alkaline Solution: Influence of Temperature
Ben Zeineb H, Le Milbeau C, Blanc P, Ollivier P, Andre L & Boussafir M

(2020) Can Serpentinisation Processes Provide Brines for the Ore-Forming Factory?
Tuduri J, Lassin A, Debure M & Blanc P

(2019) Calcium Silica Speciation and Carbonation in Cement Systems
Blanc P, Tasi A, Gaona X, Andre L, Grangeon S, Lach A, Altmaier M & Madé B

(2014) A Selection of Thermodynamic Properties for Zeolites: Application to the Cement/Clay Interactions
Blanc P, Vieillard P, Gaboreau S, Gailhanou H, Claret F, Made B & Giffaut E

(2013) Thermoddem: An Example of Alive Thermochemical Database
Lassin A, Blanc P, André L, Marty N, Parmentier M, Moyard S, Azaroual M, Piantone P, Gaucher EC, Kervévan C & Tournassat C

(2013) Modelling the Migration of Mercury in a Column Experiment: Biotic Against Abiotic Mechanisms
Blanc P, Burnol A, Harris-Hellal J & Laperche V

(2013) Thermodynamics of Hydration of MX80 Smectite Derived from Hydration Isotherms
Gailhanou H, Blanc P, Lassin A, Vieillard P, Denoyel R, Bloch E, Made B & Giffaut E

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