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All abstracts by Antonio Caracausi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Seismic Fluid Geochemistry and Short- Imminent Forecasting of Earthquake
Li Y, Caracausi A, Mokhtari M, Yuce G, Nomikou P, Martinelli G, Yalcin Erik N, Martin CC, Hu L & Tian W

(2023) Water-Gas-Rock Interaction and Rock Deformation Control the Chemistry of Fluids Emitted in Seismic Regions: The South Italy Case Study
Buttitta D, Caracausi A & Paternoster M

(2021) 3He/4He Monitoring of Groundwater in Hafralækur, North Iceland: Preliminary Results
Dantas Cardoso C, Pik R, Caracausi A, Halldorsson S, Stefansson A & Zimmermann L

(2021) Active Degassing of Deep-Sourced Fluids in Central Europe: New Evidences from a Geochemical Study in Serbia
Randazzo P, Caracausi A, Ionescu A, D'Alessandro W, Li Vigni L, Papic P, Marinkovic G, Pop C, Cardellini C, Aiuppa A & Chiodini G

(2019) Detection of Primordial Heavy Noble Gases in Yellowstone National Park
Broadley M, Barry P, Bekaert D, Caracausi A, Ballentine C & Marty B

(2019) Noble Gas Insights into the Degassing History of Earth's Mantle Reservoirs
Bekaert D, Broadley M, Caracausi A & Marty B

(2019) Magmatic Degassing from Active and Quiescent Volcanoes in the Central Mediterranean
Caracausi A

(2019) Episodic Degassing of He in Continental Region Affected by Seismicity
Buttitta D, Caracausi A, Chiaraluce L, Favara R, Gasparro Monticelli M & Sulli A

(2018) Volatiles Degassing in Central Italy: From Subduction to Active Seismicity
Caracausi A, Chiaraluce L, Camarda M, DeGregorio S, Favara R, Kagoshima T & Sano Y

(2017) Xenon in the Mantle Below Europe: Constrains on Mantle Plume and Implications for Early Earth's Differentiation
Caracausi A & Marty B

(2016) Chondritic Xenon in a Mantle Plume beneath Eifel (Germany): Implications for Early Earth's Differentiation
Caracausi A, Avice G, Burnard P, Furi E & Marty B

(2014) Real-Time Measurements of Concentration and Isotope Composition of Atmospheric and Volcanic CO2 at Mt. Etna (Italy)
Jost H, Rizzo A, Caracausi A, Paonita A, Liotta M & Martelli M

(2013) Sulfur and Chlorine Isotopes in Volcanic Products at Mt. Etna, Italy
Liotta M, Rizzo AL, Paonita A, Barnes JD, Caracausi A, Corsaro R & Martelli M

(2013) Magma Dynamics at Mount Etna (Italy) Inferred from Geochemistry of Gas Emissions
Caracausi A, Martelli M, Paonita A & Rizzo AL

(2013) Mantle-Derived Fluids in Central Mediterranean: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidences on Fluids Sources and Migration
Caracausi A, Grassa F, Pennino V, Rizzo A & Sulli A

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