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All abstracts by Florie Caporuscio in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Stability of Uranyl-Carbonate Complexes at 25-150℃
Migdissov A, Alcorn C, Boukhalfa H, Caporuscio F & Jove Colon C

(2022) Uptake of Uranium by Crystallization of Phosphate Minerals
Gabitov R, Jimenez A, Migdisov AA, Liu J, Guo X, Rose K, Perez-Huerta A, Paul V, Dash P, Navarathna C, Mlsna T, Caporuscio F, Xu H & Roback R

(2022) A Review of High Temperature Engineered Barrier Systems Experiments at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Caporuscio F, Sauer K, Rock M & Zandanel A

(2022) Understanding Redox Chemistry of UO2 in a Deep Geological Repository
Finkeldei SC, Opitz L, Connor TML, Sauer K, Weber J, Migdisov AA & Caporuscio F

(2021) Effects of Heat and Dissolved Calcium on the Sorption of Uranium(VI) in Bentonite Barrier Systems
La DQQ, Gutierrez Diaz A, Voltolini M, Carrero S, Sauer K, Fox PM, Bhattacharyya A, Caporuscio F & Tinnacher R

(2020) Anomalous Stability of U(IV) Species in Sulfate-Bearing Hydrothermal Solutions
Migdisov A, Van Hartesveldt N, Kalintsev A, Nisbet H, Alcorn C, Strzelecki A, Ram R, Boukhalfa H, Xu H, Gabitov R, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Jove-Colon C, Matteo E, Caporuscio F, Roback R & White J

(2020) Thermally Induced Brine Migration in Salt
Dangelmayr M, Boukhalfa H, Caporuscio F & Stauffer P

(2020) Steel Alteration in Different Experimental Engineered Barrier Environments
Rock M, Caporuscio F & Sauer K

(2020) Characterization Studies of Bentonite Barrier Interactions: Results from FEBEX-Dp Bentonite Samples
Jove Colon C, Payne C, Caporuscio F, Coker E & Knight A

(2020) Interaction of Wyoming Bentonite and Grimsel Granodiorite in High Temperature EBS Experiments
Sauer K, Rock M, Caporuscio F, Telfeyan K & Matteo E

(2020) Adding Phosphate as a ‘uranium Getter’ in Hydrothermal Bentonite Experiments
Caporuscio F, Sauer K & Rock M

(2018) Fe-Saponite as Alteration Growth on Low-Carbon and Stainless Steel in Hydrothermal-Bentonite Experiments
Caporuscio F, Cheshire M, Jove Colon C & Norskog K

(2017) Clay Seals Mineralogy in Deep Borehole Repository
Caporuscio F, Norskog K & Jove Colon C

(2016) Zeolite Capture of Cs in High Temperature Contaminated Environment
Caporuscio F, Norskog K, Maner J & Jove-Colon C

(2015) The Role of Zeolite Phase Transformations in Nuclear Repository Engineered Barrier Systems
Caporuscio F, Cheshire M & Jove-Colon C

(2014) Brine Inclusion Migration in Single Salt Crystals Under Thermal Gradient
Caporuscio F & Boukhalfa H

(2013) A Potential Steel Passivating Layer: Fe-Saponite and Chlorite Growth on Steel in High P, T Engineered Barrier Experiments
Caporuscio F & Cheshire M

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