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All abstracts by Maria Chapela Lara in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) The Influence of Lithology on Mg Cycling in Highly Weathered Catchments: Insights from Mg Isotopes at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory
Chapela Lara M, Schuessler JA, Buss HL, Henehan MJ & McDowell WH

(2019) Extreme Li Isotope Fractionation during Tropical Weathering: The Multiple Roles of Secondary Minerals
Chapela Lara M, Buss H, Schuessler J & Henehan M

(2018) Decoupling of Shallow and Deep Sources of Nutrients at the Late Stages of Weathering: Insights from Traditional and Non-Traditional Tracers at the Luquillo CZO
Chapela Lara M, Schuessler J, Buss H & McDowell W

(2016) Riverine Mg Isotope Ratios Reflect Deep Critical Zone Weathering in a Tropical Andesitic Catchment
Chapela Lara M, Buss HL, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Moore OW & Schuessler JA

(2015) Oxygen: Coupling and Controlling Critical Zone Weathering Hotspots
Buss H, Moore O & Chapela Lara M

(2014) Delimiting the Soil/Saprolite Transition Using a Multi-Tracer Approach
Chapela Lara M, Buss HL & Pogge von Strandmann P

(2014) Critical Zone Weathering Hotspots
Buss H, Moore O, Chapela Lara M, Schulz M & White A

(2013) Relating Grain-Scale Weathering Observations to Catchment-Scale Critical Zone Morphology
Buss HL, Moore OW, Chapela Lara M, Schulz M & White AF

(2013) Mg Isotopes: Insights into Weathering in a Tropical Volcaniclastic Regolith
Chapela Lara M, Buss HL, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Dessert C & Gaillardet J

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