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All abstracts by Mei-Fei Chu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Exploration of the REE Enrichment and Negative Ce Anomaly in Volcanic Rocks from Seulawah Agam, Indonesia
Hwang T-C, Chu M-F & Lai Y-M

(2023) Tracing Volcanic Activities from the Geochemistry of Pumices in Upper Holocene Deposits of Taiwan
Chu M-F, Yu N-T, Yen J-Y, Yen I-C & Lee H-Y

(2021) Geochemical Characteristics of Sediment-Pore Water Systems Associated with Hydrothermal Activity at South Okinawa Trough
Hsu F-H, Su C-C, Lee H-F, Lin Y-S, Wu C, Chu M-F, Chen S-C & Wang Y

(2019) Tracing Provenance of Pumice in Upper Holocene Deposits of Taiwan
Chu M-F, Yu N-T, Yen J-Y & Yen I-C

(2017) Zircon O-Li Isotopic Constraints on the Origins of the Cretaceous Low-╬┤18O Nianzishan Granite, NE China
Gao Y-Y, Griffin W, Chu M-F, O'Reilly S, Pearson N, Li Q-L & Li X-H

(2017) Preliminary Li Isotopic Study on the Gangdese Batholith, Southern Tibet
Lin T-H & Chu M-F

(2016) Constraints of Lithium Isotope on Petrogenesis of the Ryukyu Arc Magmatism
Hsieh Y-F, Chu M-F & Shinjo R

(2016) The Tailuko Belt, Taiwan, Revisited: New Zircon U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotopes from Hoping Granitoids
Chu M-F & Hsieh P-S

(2016) Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Volcanogenic Rocks from the Coastal Range, Eastern Taiwan
Chen T-W, Chu M-F, Chen W-S & Chung S-L

(2015) Migration of Arc Volcanism during Mid-Miocene in NW Sumatra: Geochemical Constraints and Tectonic Implications
Lai Y-M, Chung S-L, Ghani AA, Roselee MH, Murtadha S, Chu M-F & Lee H-Y

(2013) Magma Components of the Gangdese Batholith, Southern Tibet: Decoded by Zircon Hf and O Isotopes
Chu M-F, Chung S-L, Li X-H, Lee H-Y & O'Reilly SY

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