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All abstracts by Alexis Dufresne in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Mineral Substrate and Fluid Redox Conditions Control Cell Density in Attached Biofilms: In situ Incubations in Deep Groundwater
Osorio-Leon I-D, Wild B, Bouchez C, Gérard E, Quaiser A, Lavenant N, Bouquerel H, Ménez B, Le Borgne T & Dufresne A

(2023) Importance of Autotrophy in Continental Wetlands as Revealed by Coupled Metagenomic and Lipid Biomarker Approaches
Coffinet S, Dufresne A, Quaiser A, Hinrichs K-U & Laverman A

(2023) Unraveling the Role of Oxygen Fluctuations on Microbial Iron Oxidation and Biomass Production in the Fractured Continental Subsurface
Garry M, Farasin J, Bouchez C, Quaiser A, Menez B, Bouquerel H, Le Borgne T & Dufresne A

(2021) Identification of Microbial Methane Sources and Sinks in an Aquifer-Fed Continental Wetland with a Multi-Omics Approach
Coffinet S, Dufresne A, Quaiser A, Longuevergne L, Hinrichs K-U & Laverman A

(2019) Fractures Sustain Dynamic Microbial Hot Spots in the Critical Zone
Bochet O, Bethencourt L, Dufresne A, Farasin J, Pedrot M, Labasque T, Chatton E, Lavenant N, Petton C, Abbott B, Aquilina L & Le Borgne T

(2013) Subseafloor Biosphere of the Canterbury Basin
Ciobanu M-C, Burgaud G, Dufresne A, Breuker A, Redou V, Ben Maamar S, Gaboyer F, Trambouze O, Lipp J, Schippers A, Vandenkoornhuyse P, Barbier G, Jebbar M, Godfroy A & Alain K

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