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All abstracts by Sijia Dong in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Equatorward Expansion of the North Pacific Oxygen-Deficient Zones over the Past Three Decades
Landry K, Dong S, Chen J-J, Kong T, Osorio Rodriguez D, Pavia F, Subhas AV, Peng XN, Adkins J, Berelson WM & Wang XT

(2023) Benthic Flux of Isotopically Heavy Ni from Sediments Helps to Resolve Mass Balance of Nickel in the Modern Ocean
Bian X, Yang S-C, Raad RJ, Lunstrum A, Dong S, Kemnitz N, Rollins N, Cetiner JEP, Pavia F, Hammond D, Berelson WM, Adkins J & John SG

(2022) Constraining Marine Calcium Carbonate Export and Dissolution with a Global Ocean Alkalinity Model
Liang H, Lunstrum A, Dong S, Berelson WM & John SG

(2021) Shallow Calcium Carbonate Cycling in the Ocean Driven by Organic Matter Respiration
Subhas AV, Berelson W, Ziveri P, Dong S, Rae JWB, Gray WR, Byrne R & Adkins J

(2021) Accelerated Weathering of Limestone on Cargo Ships
Adkins J, Dong S & Berelson W

(2021) Linking CaCO3 Dissolution Mechanisms in Seawater vs. Freshwater via Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Implications for CaCO3 Dissolution in Paleo-Ocean
Dong S, Berelson W, Teng H, Naviaux J & Adkins J

(2018) A New Study on PIC Dissolution and Sinking Fluxes, Concentrations and Calcite/Aragonite Ratios in the North Pacific
Dong S, Celestian A, Turaga N, Rollins N, Naviaux J, Subhas A, Adkins J & Berelson W

(2013) CO2 Absorption and Precipitation in MgCl2-NH3•H2O Solutions: Relevance to CO2 Sequestration
Zhao L, Zhu C, Dong S & Teng HH

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