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All abstracts by Anne-Marie Desaulty in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Using Lithium Isotopes to Track the Origin of Lithium in Li-Ion Batteries
Desaulty A-M, Monfort Climent D, Peralta D, Lefebvre G, Perret S & Guerrot C

(2021) Rapid Determination of Pb Isotopes in Water by Coupling DGT Passive Samplers and MC-ICP-MS Laser Ablation
Desaulty A-M, Lach P & Perret S

(2020) Metallic Contamination in Sediments: Coupling Experimental Approach, Isotope Geochemistry and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Desaulty A-M, Perret S, Thauvin M, Bataillard P & Millot R

(2019) Using Geochemistry to Track the Origin of Gold Concentrates in French Guiana
Desaulty A-M, Pochon A, Bailly L, Lach P, Melleton J & Duhamel-Achin I

(2019) Tracer Approaches for Identifying Potential Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Development
Mayer B, Humez P, Osselin F, Cheung T, Nightingale M, Clarkson C, Parker B, Cherry J, Millot R, Desaulty AM & Kloppmann W

(2017) Cu-Zn-Pb Multi Isotopic Characterization of a Small Watershed (Loire River Basin, France)
Desaulty A-M, Perret S, Millot R & Bourrain X

(2016) The Impact of Waste Waters in a Small Watershed: A View Through Lithium Isotopes
Millot R & Desaulty A-M

(2014) Using DGT Passive Samplers and MC-ICPMS to Determine Pb and Zn Isotopic Signature of Groundwaters
Desaulty A-M, Millot R, Guerrot C & Berho C

(2014) Lithium Isotopes in the Loire River Basin, France
Millot R & Desaulty AM

(2014) Multi-Isotopic Monitoring of Industrial Metal Emissions (Cu-Zn-Pb) within the Loire River Basin, France
Desaulty A-M, Millot R, Widory D, Guerrot C & Bourrain X

(2013) Pb-Zn-Cd-Hg Multi Isotopic Characterization of the Loire River Basin, France
Desaulty A-M, Millot R, Widory D, Guerrot C, Innocent C, Bourrain X, Bartov G & Johnson TM

(2013) Lithium Isotopes in Surficial Waters: Examples from Rivers and Peatlands
Millot R, Négrel P, Desaulty AM & Brenot A

(2009) Use of Sn, Ni, Cu, Fe, Ag and Pb Isotope Analyses by MC-ICP-MS to Track Potosi Silver
Desaulty A-M, Kuga M, Tereygeol F, Albalat E, Telouk P & Albarède F

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