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All abstracts by Sarah Finkeldei in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Insights into the Fabrication and Structure of Plutonium Pyrochlores as Nuclear Waste Form
Finkeldei S, Stennett M, Kowalski P, Hyatt N, Bosbach D & Brandt F

(2019) Fabrication Avenues for High-Performance UO2 Fuel Candidates
Finkeldei S, Hunt R, Kiggans J, Terrani K & Nelson A

(2018) Fabrication and Properties of Advanced Urania Fuel
Finkeldei S, Kiggans J, Hunt R & Terrani K

(2017) Fabrication of UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Baena A, Brant F, Klinkenberg M, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Bosbach D & Finkeldei S

(2017) Structural Insights into UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Finkeldei S, Baena A, Palomares R, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Lang M, Ewing R & Bosbach D

(2017) Incorporation of Radionuclides into Nuclear Waste-Related Materials: Joint Atomistic Modeling and Experimental Approach
Kowalski P, Beridze G, Ji Y, Arinicheva Y, Finkeldei S, Huittinen N, Kennedy B, Murphy G, Neumeier S, Zhang Z & Bosbach D

(2016) ThermAc: A Joint Project on Aquatic Actinide Chemistry and Thermodynamics at Elevated Temperature Conditions
Bosbach D, Altmaier M, Gaona X, Endrizzi F, Brendler V, Steudtner R, Franzen C, Tsushima S, Panak P, Skerencak-Frech A, Hagemann S, Brandt F, Kr├╝ger S, Colas E, Grive M, Thoenen T, Kulik D & Finkeldei S

(2016) Characterization of Radiation Effects in Complex-Oxide Nuclear Waste Forms: New Application of Neutron and X-Ray Total Scattering Techniques
Lang M, Shamblin J, Tracy CL, Finkeldei S, Bosbach D & Ewing RC

(2016) Reliable Atomistic Modeling of Monazite and Pyrochlore Ceramics as Matrices for Immobilization of Nuclear Waste
Kowalski P, Li Y, Beridze G, Ji Y, Finkeldei S, Kegler P, Neumeier S, Vinograd V, Arinicheva Y & Bosbach D

(2016) Pyrochlore Disorder: A Combined Experimental and Atomistic Simulation Study
Finkeldei S, Kowalski P, Kegler P, Brandt F, Vinograd V, Shelyug A, Navrotsky A & Bosbach D

(2015) Actinide Pyrochlores: Fabrication and New Structural Insights
Finkeldei S, Brandt F, Stennett M, Holliday K, Hyatt N & Bosbach D

(2013) Dissolution Kinetics of ZrO2 Based Innovative Waste Forms
Finkeldei S, Brandt F, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Modolo G & Bosbach D

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