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All abstracts by Alexandre Gélabert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) In situ Electron Microscopy Monitoring of Mn Oxides Formation Impacted by Various Functionalized Organic Surfaces
Dejean C, Ortiz Peña N, Ménez B, Gadal C, Bouquerel H, Alloyeau D & Gélabert A

(2023) Impact of Microbial Biofilms on Mn(II) Oxidation Dynamics
Rollot V, Dejean C, Guyot F, Diaz JM & Gelabert A

(2023) Microbial Biofilms' Microenvironments and Metals Cycling in the Seine River, France
Rollot V, Morin G, Colin Y, Berthe T, Janvier B, Da Costa C, Petit F & Gelabert A

(2023) Elucidation of Biotic and Abiotic Processes Governing Manganese Redox Cycle in Sediment of Passive Mine Drainage Treatment Plants
Lafont C, van Hullebusch E, Battaglia-Brunet F, Vaxelaire S, Gelabert A & Gorny J

(2021) Environmental Dynamics of Chromium in Ultramafic Systems: A Combined Approach
Quantin C, Garnier J, Bolanos Benitez V, Gelabert A, Adjei Mensah E, Sivry Y, Juillot F, Morin G, Krishnan S & Subramanian S

(2021) The Role of Functionalized Organic Surfaces in Metal Biomineralization: Insights from Liquid-Cell STEM Experiments
Dejean C, Ortiz Peña N, Alloyeau D, Menez B, Gadal C & Gelabert A

(2020) Zn Isotopes can Reveal Past Eutrophication of Continental Lakes: The Example of Baldeg (Switzerland)
Juillot F, Noël V, Voegelin A, Louvat P, Gelabert A, Mueller B & Morin G

(2020) In situ Monitoring of Exopolymer-Dependent Mn Mineralization on Bacterial Surfaces
Couasnon T, Alloyeau D, Ménez B, Guyot F, Ghigo J-M, Benning LG & Gélabert A

(2019) Distribution and Degradation of CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots Transported in Aged Soil Systems
Carboni A, Gélabert A, Faucher S, Desmau M, Tharaud M, Charron G, Benedetti MF, Lespes G & Sivry Y

(2019) XAS Assessment of Cr Release from Sukinda Mining Overburden
Quantin C, Gelabert A, Ratié G, Bolanos-Benitez V, Vantelon D, Subramanian S & Sivry Y

(2019) Ageing and Speciation of Quantum Dots in Soil: Influence of Iron and Organic Matter
Carboni A, Gelabert A, Desmau M, Tharaud M, Charron G, Benedetti M & Sivry Y

(2019) What Transformations for Engineered Nanoparticles at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface
Desmau M, Gélabert A, Levard C, Vidal V, Ona-Nguema G, Charron G, Eng P, Stubbs J & Benedetti MF

(2019) Trace Metal Sequestration in Microalgae and Ocean Acidification
Hegedus S, Gélabert A & Benedetti M

(2019) Impact of Bacterial Biofilm on Alteration Kinetics
Dejean C, Bouchez J, Moquet J-S, Moreira-Turcq P & Gélabert A

(2018) Mn Oxides Biomineralization Monitored by in situ Liquid Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
Gelabert A, Couasnon T, Alloyeau D, Guyot F & Ménez B

(2017) Quantum Dots Fate at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface
Desmau M, Gélabert A, Levard C, Ona Nguema G, Sivry Y, Vidal V, Eng P, Stubbs J, Charron G, Brown GE & Benedetti M

(2017) Mobility of Quantum Dots in Soil at Environmentally Relevant Conditions
Carboni A, Desmau M, Supiandi I, Charron G, Gelabert A, Yann S & Benedetti M

(2017) Silver Nanoparticles Interactions with Solution/Biofilm/Mineral Interfaces
Gelabert A, Desmau M, Levard C, Auffan M, Ona-Nguema G, Vidal V, Eng P, Stubbs J & Benedetti MF

(2017) Occurrences and Stability of Pb Precipitates in Bacterial Biofilms
Couasnon T, Gélabert A, Ona-Nguema G, Ménez B, Zanna S & Guyot F

(2016) Solid/solution Distribution Coefficient (Kd) of Trace Stable Elements and Radionuclides during a Nuclear Power Plant Liquid Regulatory Release in the Seine River – Field Data vs. Geochemical Modeling
Benedetti M, Ilina S, Copin F, Eyrolle F, Boyer P, Lourino-Caban B, Sivry Y & Gelabert A

(2016) Investigation of the Paris City Contribution to CeO2NPs and TiO2NPs in the Seine River by spICPMS and FEG-Sem Imaging
Phalyvong K, Sivry Y, Pauwels H, Gélabert A, Cordier L, Wille G, Bourrat X, Ranville JF & Benedetti MF

(2016) Testing Nano Effect onto Model Bacteria: Impact of Speciation and Genotypes
Gelabert A, Sivry Y, Gobbi P, Mansour N, Menguy N, Brayner R, Siron V, Benedetti MF & Ferrari R

(2016) Basalt Weathering Under Controlled Conditions as Influenced by Biota, Temperature, and CO2
Dontsova K, Juarez S, Le Galliard J, Chollet S, Llavata M, Massol F, Barré P, Gelabert A, Daval D, Troch P, Barron-Gafford G. G, Van Haren J & Ferrière R

(2016) Zinc Dynamic Across the Rio Negro Basin: Constraints from Zn Isotopes
Guinoiseau D, Gélabert A, Louvat P, Allard T, Turcq P & Benedetti MF

(2015) Fate of Silver Nanoparticles at the Bacterial Biofilm/Mineral/Water Interface
Gelabert A, Levard C, Ona-Nguema G, Desmau M, Auffan M, Rose J, Labille J, Sivry Y, Eng P, Guyot F & Benedetti MF

(2015) Partitioning of Trace and Minor Elements between Magnetite and Aqueous Fluids. Experiments and Modeling
Guyot F, Amor M, Busigny V, Ona-Nguema G, Gelabert A, Corvisier J, Tharaud M, Menguy N & Benedetti M

(2015) Zinc Isotope Fractionation onto Reactive Minerals: The Case of Kaolinite
Guinoiseau D, Gelabert A, Louvat P, Moureau J & Benedetti MF

(2015) How can We Quantify the Contribution of Each Ni Bearing Phase to the Total Ni Exchangeable Pool? An Isotopic Exchange Kinetic Model
Zelano I, Sivry Y, Quantin C, Gelabert A, Tharaud M, Maury A, Nowak S, Phalyvong K, Abollino O & Benedetti M

(2015) Chemical Purity of Magnetite Produced by Magnetotactic Bacteria
Amor M, Busigny V, Durand-Dubief M, Tharaud M, Ona-Nguema G, Gélabert A, Alphandéry E, Menguy N, Benedetti M, Chebbi I & Guyot F

(2014) Stability of SiO2-Coated Silver Nanoparticles Under Environmental Conditions – A Safer by Design Perspective
Levard C, Artells E, Auffan M, Thiéry A, Gelabert A, Sivry Y, Issartel J, Rose J, Labille J, Masion A & Bottero J-Y

(2014) Zinc and Copper Isotope Fate in Amazonian Mixing Zone
Guinoiseau D, Louvat P, Gélabert A & Benedetti MF

(2014) Zn Sources in the Seine River Watershed: Information from XAS and Isotopic Analyses
Bonnot C, Gelabert A, Morin G, Louvat P, Proux O & Benedetti MF

(2013) XAS and Isotopic Approaches to Identify Zn and Cu Sources in the Seine River Watershed
Bonnot CA, Gélabert A, Morin G, Louvat P & Benedetti MF

(2013) Establishing a Biomarker from Trace Element Incorporation Patterns in Abiotic and Biotic Magnetite
Amor M, Busigny V, Gélabert A, Ona-Nguema G, Tharaud M, Alphandéry E, Durand-Dubief M, Chebbi I & Guyot F

(2013) Complexation of Oxyanions by Diatom Cells
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky OS, Schott J & Feurtet-Mazel A

(2013) Ni availability/Ni Solid Phases in Soils and Waters from Ultramafic Complexes in Brazil: A Narrow Relationship
Zelano I, Sivry Y, Quantin C, Gélabert A, Tharaud M, Jouvin D, Montarges-Pelletier E, Garnier G, Pichon R, Nowak S, Miska S, Abollino O & Benedetti M

(2012) Engineered Nanoparticle Sorption onto Mineral Surfaces
Gelabert A, Sivry Y, soares pereira C, Aubry C, Menguy N, Croue J-P & Benedetti MF

(2012) Combining µSXRF, EXAFS and Isotopic Signature to Understand the Ni Cycle in Impacted Ultramafic Soils
Quantin C, Jouvin D, Gelabert A, Montarges-Pelletier E, Sivry Y, Zelano I, Pichon R, Garnier J & Benedetti M

(2012) Sources and Processes Identification for Zn Cycling in the Seine River, France
Jouvin D, Gelabert A, Louvat P, Morin G, Juillot F & Benedetti MF

(2009) Fate of Manufactured Mineral Nanoparticles in Freshwater
Sivry Y, Gélabert A, Siron V, Ferrari R, Juillot F & Benedetti M

(2009) Sorption Processes on Small and Dirty Mineral Particles – Do Size and Cleanliness Matter?
Brown Jr. GE, Ha J, Gélabert A, Singer DM, Wang Y, Bargar JR, Eng P, Choi Y, Kendelewicz T & Spormann AM

(2008) Study of Proton, Pb2+ and Zn2+ Adsorption on to Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 Strain and a Mutant Strain (ΔEPS): Spectroscopic Observation and Modeling Approach
Ha J, Gelabert A, Wang Y, Spormann A & Brown G

(2008) Synchrotron X-Ray Studies of Bacteria-Mineral-Metal Ion Interactions
Brown, Jr. GE, Gelabert A, Wang Y, Cismasu C, Ha J, Ona-Nguema G, Benzerara K, Morin G & Wang Y

(2008) Parameters Controlling Metal Adsorption at the Biofilm/Mineral Interface: Evidence for a Diffusion Limited Process and Comparison with Thermodynamic Modeling
Gelabert A, Wang Y, Ha J, Ona-Nguema G, Spormann AM, Bargar JR, Rogers J, Eng P, Ghose S & Brown GE

(2006) Metal adsorption by diatoms: a surface complexation model
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Boudou A

(2004) Zinc Interaction with Diatom Cultures: New Insights from XAFS Study and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Gelabert A, Pokrovsky O, Pokrovski G, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

(2002) Study of Diatoms/Aqueous Solution Interface. II. Interaction of Trace Metals (Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb, Cr, Al) with Freshwater and Marine Diatoms
Pokrovsky O, Gelabert A, Viers J, Schott J & Boudou A

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