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All abstracts by Domingo Gimeno in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Solid-State Synthesis of Silicates that Tries to Reproduce Rhyolitic-Xenolith Interaction in the Monte Ulmus Peralkaline Pyroclastic Unit (Sardinia, Italy)
Novembre D, Carrazana A & Gimeno D

(2017) Sr Isotope Evidence of Carbonate Origin in Calc-Silicate Xenoliths of Monte Ulmus Peralkaline Pyroclastic Unit (Miocene, SW Sardinia, Italy)
Carrazana di Lucia A & Gimeno D

(2015) Characterization of Ash from the San Miguel Volcano Eruption of December the 29th, 2013 and Environmental Concerns
Hernández de la Cruz A, Gimeno D & Novembre D

(2015) Chemical and Mineralogical Characterization and Rheological Constraints on Deposition and Flux in Glassy, Highly Welded Pyroclastic Alkaline Rhyolites (SW Sardinia, Italy)
Tarragó M, Garcia-Valles M, Martinez S, Gimeno D & Gisbert G

(2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Na-X Zeolite Using a Diatomitic Rock from Albacete (Southern Spain)
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D

(2013) Use of Whole Rock Geochemistry for Ignimbritic Unit Recognition: An Example from the Sulcis Area (SW Sardinia, Italy)
Gisbert G & Gimeno D

(2013) Cannibalization of Previous Na-Rich Clinopyroxenes by Ascending Basic Magmas of the Garrotxa Volcanic Field (NE, Spain)
Aulinas M, Gisbert G, Gimeno D & Gasperini D

(2013) Synthesis and Characterization of K-Zeolites by the Use of a Diatomite
Pace C, Novembre D & Gimeno D

(2013) Mantle Source Heterogeneity beneath the Garrotxa Volcanic Field (NE Spain)
Gasperini D, Gisbert G, Gimeno D, Aulinas M, Macera P & Bosch D

(2013) Green Color Chemical Recipes in Stained Glass Windows of NE Spain and N Italy (XIIIth to XVth Centuries)
Gimeno D, Bazzocchi F, Aulinas M, Gisbert G, Riccardi MP & Basso E

(2012) Geochemical Characterization of the Initial Phase of El Hierro Eruption
Gimeno D, Aulinas M & Gisbert G

(2012) Subduction-Related Fluids Influence on the Oligo-Miocene Transitional Magmatism of the Sulcis Area (SW Sardinia, Italy)
Gisbert G, Gimeno D & Aulinas M

(2012) Heterogeneous Mantle Source for the Recent Magmatism of Gran Canaria
Aulinas Junca M, Gimeno D, Fernandez-Turiel JL, Font L, Perez-Torrado FJ, Rodriguez-Gonzalez A & Nowell G

(2009) Evidence for Transition from the Roman to the Tuscan Magmatic Provinces in Mts. Cimini Olivinlatites
Gasperini D, Aulinas M, Gimeno D, Macera P, Fernandez-Turiel J-L & Cimarelli C

(2009) Evidences of Crustal Contamination and Magma Mixing at Taapaca Volcanic Complex, Central Andes
Polanco E, Clavero J, Gimeno D & Fernandez-Turiel J-L

(2009) Thermobarometric Implications of Clinopyroxene Chemistry in the Plio-Quaternary Magmas of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)
Aulinas M, Gimeno D, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Perez-Torrado F-J, Rodriguez-Gonzalez A & Gasperini D

(2009) Environmental Geochemistry of Volcanic Ashes from the Southern Puna, NW Argentina
Ruggieri F, Fernandez-Turiel J-L, Gimeno D, Garcia-Valles M & Saavedra J

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