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All abstracts by Sylvain Grangeon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Selenate Uptake by Green Rust
Grangeon S, Orucoglu E, Greneche JM, Bourhis E, Warmont F, Wille G, Tournassat C & Marty N

(2023) Aqueous Speciation and Sorption Properties of Beryllium in Carbonate-Containing Systems
Cevirim-Papaioannou N, Orucoglu E, Grangeon S, Gaona X, Agnel MI & Altmaier M

(2023) Assessment of Arsenic Retention Properties of Aptian Sands Having Different Oxidation-Reduction Capacity
Orucoglu E, Grangeon S, Agnel MI, Madé B, Robinet J-C & Debure M

(2023) Probing Redox Potential of Clay Minerals Using Organic Contaminants
Chevrier L, Tournassat C, Le Milbeau C & Grangeon S

(2021) Influence of Soil Reducing Capacity on the Mechanisms Driving Mercury Behaviour
Debure M & Grangeon S

(2021) Molecular-Level Insights on Uranium Surface Speciation in Engineered Barrier Systems
Bhattacharyya A, Massey M, Grangeon S, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2020) Characterizing Uranium Surface Speciation on Na-Montmorillonite
Tinnacher R, Massey M, Bhattacharyya A, Grangeon S & Tournassat C

(2019) Ion Exchange in Fougèrite: Influence of Crystal Size and Structural Defects
Agnel MI, Grangeon S, Fauth F, Elkaïm E, Claret F, Roulet M, Warmont F & Tournassat C

(2019) The Distribution of Mo in Mn-Fe Nodules and Crusts and Associations with the Mineral Phases
Wegorzewski A, Hein J, Grangeon S, Webb S, Kuhn T & Koschinsky A

(2019) Calcium Silica Speciation and Carbonation in Cement Systems
Blanc P, Tasi A, Gaona X, Andre L, Grangeon S, Lach A, Altmaier M & Madé B

(2018) Mineralogical Transformations in Polymetallic Mn-Nodules Upon Burial in Sediments and the Changes in the Crystal-Chemistry of Ni, Cu, Co
Wegorzewski A, Grangeon S, Webb S & Kuhn T

(2017) Kinetics and Mechanisms of Ni Sorption by Nanocrystalline Vernadite
Grangeon S, Fernandez-Martinez A, Claret F, Marty N, Tournassat C, Warmont F & Gloter A

(2017) Study of Iron-Bearing Dolomite Dissolution at Various Temperatures: Evidence for the Formation of Secondary Nanocrystalline Iron-Rich Phases on the Dolomite Surface
Debure M, Andreazza P, Canizarès A, Grangeon S, Lerouge C, Mack P, Madé B, Simon P, Veron E, Warmont F & Vayer M

(2016) Incorporation of Molybdate into the Ca-Al-Hydrotalcite Lattice
Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Grangeon S & Charlet L

(2015) Retention Processes in Clay-Rocks
Tournassat C & Grangeon S

(2015) Retention of the Anions Existing in Nuclear Waste by AFm Phases
Ma B, Fernandez-Martinez A, Grangeon S & Charlet L

(2013) Chemical Homologue Speciation in Natural Systems: A Key to Understand the Anthropogenic RN Fate
Claret F, Lerouge C, Grangeon S, Sato T, Schäfer T, Giffaut E & Tournassat C

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