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All abstracts by Romain Guilbaud in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Testing Links between the pre-GOE Iron Cycle and Oxygenation Using Triple Iron Isotopes
Heard AW, Dauphas N, Guilbaud R, Rouxel O, Butler I, Nie N & Bekker A

(2018) Redox Controls on the Preservation of Organic Fossils Through the Neoproterozoic and the Cambrian
Guilbaud R, Slater BJ, Harvey THP, Poulton SW & Butterfield NJ

(2017) Redox-Sensitive Proxies to Reconstruct Detailed Palaeoecological Conditions in the 1.1 Ga Taoudeni Basin, Mauritania
Sforna MC, Beghin J, Debaille V, Guilbaud R, Poulton SW, Gueneli N, Brocks JJ, Blanpied C & Javaux EJ

(2017) Oxygen Minimum Zones in the Early Cambrian Ocean
Guilbaud R, Slater B, Poulton S, Harvey T, Brocks J, Nettersheim B & Butterfield N

(2016) Phosphorus Cycling in a Low Sulfate Euxinic Ocean Analogue, Lake Cadagno, Switzerland
Xiong Y, Guilbaud R, Peacock C, Cox R, Krom M & Poulton S

(2016) Phosphorus Speciation in Ancient Sedimentary Rocks: Modifications to the SEDEX Method
Thompson J, Guilbaud R, Krom MD & Poulton SW

(2015) Ocean Detoxification and Nutrient Cycling in the Early Neoproterozoic
Guilbaud R, Poulton SW, Butterfield NJ, Zhu M & Shields-Zhou GA

(2015) Ferruginous Ecosystems and the Environmental Dynamics of a Paleoproterozoic Sea
Bruisten B, Brocks J, Guilbaud R & Poulton S

(2015) Phosphorus Cycling in a Euxinic Precambrian Ocean Analogue
Xiong Y, Guilbaud R, Cox R, Peacock C, Krom M & Poulton S

(2014) Molecular Fossils and Water Column Redox in the 1.64 Ga Barney Creek Formation and Relation to Local Base Metal Mineralisation
Bruisten B, Poulton S, Guilbaud R & Brocks J

(2013) Redox and Nutrient Cycling in a Late Mesoproterozoic Sea
Husband K, Poulton S, Guilbaud R, Rooney A & Selby D

(2013) Reconstruction of Nutrient Redox Cycling in the Early Neoproterozoic
Guilbaud R & Poulton S

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