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All abstracts by Paul Ginoux in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Contribution of Ephemeral Lakes on Dust Impacts on the Earth’s Climate System
Ginoux P

(2021) Global Dust Optical Depth Climatology Derived from CALIOP and MODIS Aerosol Retrievals on Decadal Time Scales: Regional and Interannual Variability
Song Q, Zhang Z, Yu H, Ginoux P & Shen J

(2021) A Reanalysis-Based Study of Desert Dust in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe in a Recent Decade
Di Tomaso E, Escribano J, Ginoux P, Basart S, Macchia F, Barnaba F, Castrillo M, Formenti P, Jorba O, Mona L, Montané G, Mytilinaios M, Obiso V, Schutgens N, Votsis A, Werner E & Pérez García-Pando C

(2019) Large Variability of Springtime African Dust in Recent Decades: A Consistent Characterization from Multiple Remote Sensing Observations
Yu H, Yuan T, Bian H, Chin M, Tan Q, Zhang Z & Ginoux P

(2017) Dust Activity in the United States: From Satellite Detection to Climate Models Projection
Ginoux P & Pu B

(2013) Understanding Long-Term Variability of Dust in Different Parts of the World
Ginoux P, Malyshev S & Shevliakova E

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