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All abstracts by Martin Homann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Preservation of Biosignature Fabrics in an Extinct, Variably Recrystallized Sinter Mound, El Tatio, Chile
van Zuilen MA, Wilmeth D, Nabhan S, Liesegang M, Slagter S, Sans-Jofre P, Homann M, Konhauser KO & Munoz-Saez C

(2021) High-Precision Elemental and Stable Isotope Mapping of a Mesoarchean Stromatolite: Implications for Primitive Phototrophic Metabolism and Paleoecology
Nicol L, Sans-Jofre P, Fralick PW, Afroz M, Patry L, Homann M, Gobert T & Lalonde SV

(2021) Mesoarchean Redox Cycling from Shallow to Deep Through Coupled Fe-S Stable Isotope Measurements
Patry L, Fralick PW, Afroz M, Sans-Jofre P, Thomazo C, Homann M & Lalonde SV

(2021) Possible Hafnium Isotope Evidence for Continental Emergence Prior to 3.22 Ga
Foster I, Hagge P, Bricker H, Agranier A, Köhler I, Homann M, Heubeck C, Nonnotte P, Konhauser K, Tripati A & Lalonde SV

(2020) Fe Isotope and REE Signatures Through a Mesoarchean Carbonate Platform: New Data from the 2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt (Canada)
Patry L, Fralick P, Sansjofre P, Homann M, Thomazo C, Afroz M & Lalonde S

(2020) New Insights on the Biogenicity of South Africa’s Oldest Stromatolites
Homann M, Lalonde S, Van Zuilen M, Gong J, Patry L, Hayles J, Walsh M, Lowe D & Byerly G

(2020) New Insights into Mesoarchean Photosynthesis from >2.8 Ga Carbonate Platforms of the Superior Craton
Lalonde S, Sansjofre P, Ramsay B, Patry L, Afroz M, Homann M & Fralick P

(2019) Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes Biosignatures of Early Earth Continental Biosphere Modern Analogs
Thomazo C, Couradeau E, Marin-Carbonne J, Homann M, Sansjofre P, Lalonde S & Garcia-Pichel F

(2019) Paired Carbon Isotope Data for Carbonate and Organic Matter from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario, Canada)
Sansjofre P, Fralick P, Homann M, Afroz M, Earthbloom T & Lalonde S

(2017) Ultra-Radiogenic Hafnium in Archean BIF: Intense Sedimentary Lu/Hf Fractionation at 3.2 Ga
Foster I, Agranier A, Heubeck C, Köhler I, Homann M, Tripati A, Nonnotte P, Ponzevera E & Lalonde S

(2017) Terrestrial Microbial Mats at 3, 220 Myr ago (Moodies Group, SA)
Homann M, Heubeck C, Airo A, Van Kranendonk M, Van Zuilen M, Gong J, Sansjofre P & Lalonde S

(2017) A Shallow-To-Deepwater Geochemical Transect of a Neoproterozoic Marinoan Cap Dolostone (Noonday Formation, Death Valley Region)
Sansjofre P, Roué L, Rigoussen D, Shapiro R, Homann M, Killingsworth B, Tanvet C & Lalonde S

(2017) Preliminary Geochemical Data from Earth’s Oldest Carbonate Platform (2.94 Ga Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Canada)
Lalonde S, Sansjofre P, Homann M, Thoby M, Rigoussen D & Fralick P

(2013) Evaporitic Sulfate Concretions, Moodies Group (~3.2 Ga, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa)
Nabhan S, Heubeck C & Homann M

(2013) Microbially-Induced Carbonate Precipitation, Moodies Group (3.2 Ga, BGB, South Africa)
Homann M, Heubeck C, Airo A, Tice M & Nabhan S

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