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All abstracts by Stefan Krause in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Endolithic Algae Affect Modern Coral Morphology and Chemistry
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Nehrke G, Damm T, Büsse S, Hu M, Leipe T, Vogts A, Gorb S & Eisenhauer A

(2019) Detecting Biogenic Diagenesis in Tropical Corals
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Nehrke G, Damm T, Büsse S, Hu M, Leipe T, Vogts A, Engelkes K, Gorb S & Eisenhauer A

(2019) Element Partitioning in Brachiopods – Implications for Proxy Use and Biomineralisation
Jurikova H, Ippach M, Liebetrau V, Gutjahr M, Krause S, Büsse S, Gorb SN, Henkel D, Hiebenthal C, Schmidt M, Leipe T, Laudien J, Rollion-Bard C & Eisenhauer A

(2018) Microbial Activity Affects Sulfur Distribution in Biogenic Aragonite
Fichtner V, Strauss H, Lange S, Krause S, Borca C, Huthwelker T, Treude T & Immenhauser A

(2017) Boron Isotope Systematics in Cold Water Corals (Lophelia pertusa) along the Norwegian Margin: Zooming into a Potential pH-Proxy by Combining Bulk and High Resolution Approaches
Liebetrau V, Raddatz J, Fietzke J, Trotter J, Rocholl A, Krause S, McCulloch M, Rüggeberg A & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Carbonate Matrix Formation Resulting from Nitrogen Remineralization and Enzyme Activity
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Foubert A, Jaramillo D, Löscher CR, Böhm F, Gorb S, Eisenhauer A & Treude T

(2016) In-Vitro Simulation of AOM Mediated Diagenesis in Cold-Water Coral Carbonate Mounds
Feenstra E, Heindel K, Birgel D, Krause S, Maeder U & Foubert A

(2015) Effects of Microbial Activity on the Stability of Aragonitic Bivalve Shells: Implications for Early Carbonate Diagenesis
Lange SM, Krause S, Immenhauser A, Ritter A-C & Treude T

(2014) Carbonic Anhydrase – A Geological Relevant Enzyme?
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Eisenhauer A & Treude T

(2013) Toxic Effects of Butyl Elastomers on Aerobic Methane Oxidation
Niemann H, Steinle LI, Blees JH, Krause S, Bussmann I, Treude T & Lehmann MF

(2013) Enhanced Calcite Dissolution in the Presence of Aerobic Methanotrophic Bacteria
Krause S, Aloisi G, Engel A, Liebetrau V & Treude T

(2012) Mg-Dolomite Nucleation in Biofilm of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria at Modern Seawater Salinity
Krause S, Liebetrau V, Gorb S, Sanchez-Roman M, McKenzie JA & Treude T

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