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All abstracts by Suk Hyun Kim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) POC Export Fluxes in the Western Indian Ocean Based on 234Th as Tracer
Seo J, Kim I, Kim SH, Choi JY, Lee H & Park K

(2023) Latitudinal Distribution of 137Cs in the Western Indian Ocean
Lee J, Lee H, Kim I & Kim SH

(2019) Latitudinal Distributions of 234Th in the Upper Western Indian Ocean
Kim I, Lee H & Kim SH

(2019) Nitrate, Sulfate and Ammonium Aerosol over Korea Southern Sea
Kim SH, Kim Y-I & Lee HM

(2017) Fractionation and Risk Assessment of Metals in the Sediments of Ocean Dumping Sites, Rep. of Korea
Jung JM, Kim SH, Choi KY & Chung CS

(2017) Nutrient Flux by Resuspension of Sediment in the East China Sea
Kim SH, Rho T, Choi KY & Jung JM

(2016) Distrbution of Pu in the Coral of the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Hong GH, Kim SH, Lee H, Kawahata H, Siringan FP, Anderson DM, Ketterer ME & Baskaran M

(2016) Effect of Sediment Resuspension on the Cycling of Nutrients in the East China Sea
Kim SH, Rho T, Choi KY, Hong GH & Kim NH

(2015) Characteristics of Marine Aerosol Particles in the Southern Sea of Korean Peninsula
Kim SH, Hong GH, Kim Y-I & Chung CS

(2015) Particulate Trace Element Fluxes in the Northern Ulleung Basin of East/Japan Sea
Kim YI, Choi KY & Kim SH

(2014) On the Role of 210Bi on the Apparent Disequilibrium of 210Pb-210Po Pair in the Sea
Kim SH, Hong GH, Kim Y-I & Kim S

(2014) Uptake and Retention of Artificial Radionuclides from Seawater in the Oyster Crassostrea gigas
Hong G, Kim S, Lee H, Kim Y & Oh S

(2013) Characterization of the Primary Productivity Using a Year-Long High Resolution Sediment Trap Experiment in the Southwestern Part of the East/Japan Sea
Kim SH, Hong GH, Kim YI, Chung CS, Choi KY & Kim YH

(2013) Distribution, Fluxes in the Water Column and Early Diagenesis in the Bottom Sediments of 210Po and 210Pb in the Sea
Hong GH, Lee HM, Baskaran M, Kim SH, Kim YI & Kim CJ

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