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All abstracts by Keiko Koshida in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) No Impact Signatures in Earth’s Oldest Rocks from Acasta Gneiss Complex, Canada
Ishikawa A, Koshida K, Suzuki K, Yokoyama T & Komiya T

(2016) Re-Os Constraints on the Formation Age of Acasta Mafic Rocks
Koshida K, Ishikawa A, Suzuki K & Komiya T

(2016) The Nulliak Supracrustal Rocks, Labrador, Canada: Their Occurrence, Age, and the Oldest Evidence for Life
Komiya T, Aoki S, Koshiba K, Tashiro T, Yamamoto S, Ishikawa A, Ishida A, Hori M, Igisu M & Sano Y

(2013) Occurrence of >3.9 Ga “Nanok” Gneiss from Saglek Block, Northern Labrador, Canada
Shimojo M, Yamamoto S, Aoki S, Sakata S, Maki K, Koshida K, Ishikawa A, Hirata T, Collerson KD & Komiya T

(2013) Petrology and Geochemistry of Mafic Rocks in the Acasta Gneiss Complex
Koshida K, Ishikawa A, Iwamori H & Komiya T

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