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All abstracts by John Loring in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Self-Similar Mesocrystals Form Via Interface-Driven Nucleation and Assembly and Dissolve by Particle Detachment
Zhu G, Sushko M, Loring J, Legg B, Huang X, Song M, Rosso K & De Yoreo J

(2021) Low Temperature Magnesite Growth during Forsterite Carbonation in Thin H2O Films
Loring J, Mergelsberg S, Qafoku O, Thompson CJ, Ilton ES & Kerisit S

(2020) Dynamics of Interface-Driven Nucleation and Assembly
De Yoreo J, Legg B, Zhu G, Baer M, Sushko M, Loring J, Huang X, Mundy C, Schenter G, Chun J & Rosso K

(2019) Role of Mass Transport in Mineral Carbonation in Confined H2O Films
Loring J, Placencia-Gomez RE, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Qafoku O, Miller Q & Rosso K

(2017) Chemical Reactivity in Thin Water Films on Minerals in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Schaef T, Thompson C, McGrail P & Rosso K

(2015) Desorption Mechanisms of Phosphate from Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Krumina L, Kenney J, Loring J & Persson P

(2014) Mechanistic Insights into the Water-Film Threshold for Silicate Carbonation in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Benezeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Felmy A & Rosso K

(2013) In-situ IR Spectroscopic Study of Forsterite Carbonation in wet-scCO2
Bénézeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Pearce C, Felmy A, Bonneville A, Rosso K & Loring J

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