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All abstracts by Susan H Little in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fluxes and Isotopic Compositions of Zn and Cd in an Estuary Severely Impacted by Acid Mine Drainage
Packman H, Little SH, Nieto JM, Basallote MD, Pérez López R, Coles BJ, Kreissig K, van de Flierdt T & Rehkämper M

(2023) Attrition of Minority Groups in the UK Geochemistry Workforce Across the Academic Career Ladder
Bots P, Maters E, Appiah F, Gagnon J, Bhagwat S, Riches AJV, Little SH, Chi Fru E, Ngwenya B, Lawrence A & Anand [she/her] P

(2023) Is the Geochemistry Academic Work Environment a Potential Barrier to Inclusion and Progression?
Anand [she/her] P, Lawrence A, Little SH, Bots P, Gagnon J, Appiah F, Riches AJV, Maters E, Chi Fru E, Bhagwat S & Ngwenya B

(2023) Ligand-Induced Isotopically Heavy Zn Release during Marine Birnessite Transformation to Todorokite
Wang Z, Li W, Homoky WB, Little SH & Peacock CL

(2022) An Isotopically Heavy Source of Nickel: Release of Nickel during Birnessite Transformation into Todorokite
Chen L, Archer C, Little SH & Peacock CL

(2021) Constraining Geochemistry’s Community Demographics
Little SH, Labidi J, Riches AJV, Bots P, Anand P, Arndt S, Li Z, Maters EC, Marin-Carbonne J, Chi Fru E, Pourret O, Ngwenya B & Samankassou E

(2021) Re-assessing the Role of Water-Column Sulphide Formation in the Marine Cd Cycle
de Souza G, Vance D, Sieber M, Conway T & Little SH

(2021) Cold-Water Corals as Archives of Seawater Zn Isotopes
Little SH, Wilson DJ, Rehkämper M, Adkins J, Robinson LF & van de Flierdt T

(2015) Organic-Bound Trace Metals and Geosphere-Biosphere Co-evolution: Development of a Novel Biosignature
Ciscato ER, Vance D, Bontognali TRR, Little SH & Poulton SW

(2015) Determination of Isotopic Ratio of Nickel, Copper, and Zinc in Seawater Using an Ethylenediaminetriacetic Acid Chelating Resin
Takano S, Tanimizu M, Hirata T, Sohrin Y, Little S & Archer C

(2015) Particulate Metal Stable Isotopes in the South Atlantic
Little S, Vance D & Milne A

(2015) The Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycle of Zinc and its Isotopes: The Dominance of Diatoms and the Southern Ocean
Vance D, Little S, De Souza G, Köbberich M, Zhao Y, Cullen J & Lohan M

(2013) Uranium Isotopes in Anoxic Sediments
Andersen M, Vance D, Little S, Herdsman R, Matthews A, Lyons T & Romaniello S

(2013) Calculation of Mass (Im-)balance in the Oceanic Cycling of Cu and Zn Isotopes
Little S, Vance D, Lyons T & McManus J

(2013) The Oceanic Cycles of the Transition Metals and their Isotopes
Vance D, Cameron V, Little S & Archer C

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