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All abstracts by Harry McClelland in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Carbon Isotopes and Calcifiers
Rickaby R, McClelland H, Hermoso M & Erez J

(2019) Implications of Bloom Dynamics for Phytoplankton-Based pCO2 Estimates
McClelland H, Halevy I, Bruggeman J & Bradley A

(2018) Hedging Your Bet(-Hedging): A Population-Level Strategy for Optimizing Microbial Growth
McClelland H, Fike D, Jones C, Chubiz L & Bradley A

(2015) Coccolith Stable Isotopes in Palaeoceanography: Are Culture Data Transferable to the Natural Environment?
Hermoso M, Candelier Y, Minoletti F, Browning T, McClelland H & Rickaby R

(2015) Calcification in Coccolithophores: A Biogeochemical Study of Polysaccharides from Past to Present
Lee R, Mavridou D, Papadakos G, McClelland H, Walker J, Nudelman F, Heureux A, Hermoso M, Day C & Rickaby R

(2015) Everything is not Spinach: A History of Evolving Carbon Affinity and Isotopic Fractionation in Marine Algal Rubisco
Rickaby R, Heureux A, Eason Hubbard M, Chan I, McClelland H, Young J, Lee R & Hermoso M

(2015) Towards a Unifying Theory for Carbon Isotopic Partitioning in Coccolithophores: Implications for Paleo-Proxies
McClelland H, Hermoso M, Bruggeman J & Rickaby R

(2013) Calcification Rate and Carbon-Isotope Fractionation in Coccolithophore Calcite Through Laboratory Culture Experiments
Hermoso M, Minoletti F, Candelier Y, McClelland H, Aloisi G & Rickaby R

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