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All abstracts by Catherine Noiriel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) What can Dissolution Anisotropy Teach us About Crystal Reactivity?
Daval D, Bouissonni├ę A, Stigliano L, Pollet-Villard M, Wild B, Bas-Lorillot J, Noiriel C & Ackerer P

(2023) Linking Microscale to Macroscale Dissolution Rates in Carbonates with X-Ray Tomography Imaging and Stochastic Modelling
Noiriel C, Guren MG & Renard F

(2021) Evaluating the Dynamics of Fluid-Mineral and Fluid-Rock Interfaces
Noiriel C & Soulaine C

(2021) Linking Microscale and Macroscale Dissolution Rates in Carbonates with X-Ray Tomography Data and Numerical Modelling
Guren MG, Noiriel C & Renard F

(2021) Hydrogeochemical and Mineral Heterogeneity Controls on the Clogging of Porous Media
Seigneur N, Noiriel C, Le Guern P & Lagneau V

(2019) Determination of Reaction Rates at Crystal Surfaces Using 4D X-Ray Microtomography
Noiriel C, Saldi G, Oursin M, Daval D & Haberthur D

(2017) Investigation of Geochemical Reactivity at the Pore Scale
Noiriel C & Daval D

(2017) Mineral Growth Under Water-Limited Conditions
Harrison AL, Oelkers EH, Noiriel C & Schott J

(2016) 3D Determination of Dissolution Rates on Sinlge Crystals
Noiriel C & Saldi G

(2016) Effects of Precipitation at the Pore-Scale on Permeability and Flow
Noiriel C, Steefel C, Yang L & Bernard D

(2015) Measuring Overall Reaction Rates with X-Ray Micro-Tomography
Noiriel C

(2013) Impact of Calcite Precipitation on Flow Alteration in Porous Media
Noiriel C, Steefel C, Yang L & Bernard D

(2013) Micro-Fracturing Induced by Radioactivity of Minerals: Consequences on the Permeability of Rocks
Boschero V, Seydou-Guillaume A-M, Marcoux M, Noiriel C & Orgogozo L

(2011) Upscaling Pore Scale Carbonate Precipitation Rates to the Continuum Scale
Steefel CI, Noiriel C, Yang L & Ajo-Franklin J

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