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All abstracts by Christian Nicollet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Experimental Constraints on the Phase Stability of Ti Phases at Subsolidus Conditions in a Mafic System
Pereira I, Koga KT, Bruand E & Nicollet C

(2021) Ti-Mineral Stability in Metagabbros Formed at Different Stages of the Wilson Cycle
Pereira I, Bruand E, Koga KT & Nicollet C

(2021) Quantifying the Axial Magma Lens Dynamics at the Roof of Oceanic Magma Reservoirs (Dike / Gabbro Transition): Oman Drilling Project GT3 Site Survey
France L, Lombard M, Nicollet C, Berthod C, Debret B, Koepke J, Ildefonse B & Toussaint A

(2018) Monazite Petrochronology in Internal Rif Units (Beni Bousera, Northern Morocco): New Insights of Permian and Oligo-Miocene Events
El Bakili A, Bosse V, Corsini M, Nicollet C, Lardeau JM & Chalouan A

(2017) Evolution of F and Cl Relative to Lithophile Trace Elements in Oceanic Crust, from Oceanic to Subduction Metamorphisms in Western Alps
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Nicollet C & Bruand E

(2013) Iron Oxidation State in Serpentine during Subduction: Implications on the Nature of the Released Fluids at Depth
Debret B, Andreani M, Munoz M, Bolfan-Casanova N, Julie C, Nicollet C & Schwartz S

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