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All abstracts by Katrina J. Edwards in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Oxygen and Carbon Cycling in Basaltic Crust
Orcutt B, Bach W, Edwards K, Girguis P & Wheat G

(2013) Active and Total Microbial Community Structure in Relation to Metal Availability within Subsurface Sediments
Reese B, Zinke L, Mills H & Edwards K

(2012) Investigating Bioalteration Products on Seafloor Basalts, Fe Sulfides and Fe Oxyhydroxides Using Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (STXM) and Absorption Spectroscopy
Haddad A, Hoffman C, Klein F, Bennett S, Barco R & Edwards K

(2012) Measuring the Speciation of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles
Toner B, Breier J, Edwards K, Fakra S, German C, Marcus M & Rouxel O

(2012) Metagenomic Analysis of Inactive Hydrothermal Sulfides from Lau Basin
Sylvan J & Edwards K

(2011) Biogeochemical Patterns and Processes in Buoyant, Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes
Wendt K, Ananatharaman K, Breier J, Dick G, Edwards K, Girguis P, Sorensen J, Sylvan J & Toner B

(2010) Mineralogy Selects Microbial Community Characteristics at Low-Temperature along the Global Mid-Ocean Ridge
Toner B, Lesniewski R, Marlow J, Santelli C, Bach W, Orcutt B & Edwards K

(2010) Going Deep: Elemental Distribution, Speciation and Redox States in a Marine Ferromanganese Nodule
Marcus MA, Fakra SC, Toner BM, Horn G & Edwards KJ

(2010) Life in Young Ocean Crust: Insights from Subsurface Microbial Observatories
Orcutt B, Bach W, Becker K, Fisher A, Hentscher M, Toner B, Wheat CG & Edwards K

(2010) Massively Parallel Tag Sequencing of Bacterial Communities on Basalts and Extinct Sulfides Reveals Substrate Endemic Populations
Sylvan J, Orcutt B, Toner B & Edwards K

(2010) Geochemical Analysis of Altered Seafloor Lavas Hosting Extensive Microbial Communities
Santelli C, Toner B, Bach W & Edwards K

(2009) Trace Element Partitioning and Redox States in a Ferromanganese Nodule from the SW Pacific
Marcus M, Fakra S, Toner B, Horn G & Edwards K

(2009) Denitrification Driven by Pyrite Oxidation and Colonization of Pyrite Surface by Thiobacillus denitrificans
Torrento C, Urmeneta J, Edwards K, Cama J & Soler A

(2008) Sea-Floor Weathering of Hydrothermal Chimney Sulfides at the East Pacific Rise 9N: Chemical Speciation and Isotopic Signature of Iron Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Toner B, Rouxel O, Santelli C & Edwards K

(2007) Evaluation of Oxidation State and Potential for Bio-Signatures in Fe-Bearing Minerals in Deep-Sea Minerals Using Spectroscopic Approaches
Edwards K, Marcus M, Toner B & Santelli C

(2007) Formation of Biomineralized Stalks by a Marine Iron-Oxidizing Bacterium
Chan C, Emerson D, Fakra S & Edwards K

(2007) In situ Redox Chemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids at the Loihi Seamount Microbial Observatory
Glazer B, Briggs R, Nuzzio D, Heshiki Z, Edwards K, Moyer C, Emerson D, Tebo B & Staudigel H

(2007) The Loihi Seamount Microbial Observatory: An Extremely Common Deep-Sea Habitat for Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria
Edwards K, Moyer C, Emerson D & Horn G

(2006) The contribution of magnetotactic bacteria to reduced iron flux in stratified marine environments
Simmons S & Edwards K

(2006) Microorganisms and the Weathering of Ocean Crust at the Seafloor
Santelli C, Bach W & Edwards K

(2006) Seafloor weathering of hydrothermal chimney sulfide minerals from East Pacific Rise 9o N: an X-ray absorption spectroscopic study
Santelli C, Toner B, Rouxel O & Edwards K

(2005) Microbial Weathering of Ocean Crust
Edwards K, Santelli C & Bach W

(2005) Field, Lab, and Computational Tools and Techniques for Linking Geochemical and Microbial Processes in a Range of Environments
Druschel G, Lorenson G, Rizzo D, Rogers D & Edwards K

(2005) Application of in situ Au-Amalgam Microelectrodes in Yellowstone National Park to Guide Microbial Sampling
Lorenson G, Rogers D, Price R, Edwards K & Druschel G

(2005) Iron Isotope Constraints on the Archean and Paleoproterozoic Ocean Redox State
Rouxel O, Bekker A & Edwards K

(2005) Microbial Weathering of Seafloor Hydrothermal Sulfides
Edwards K, Rogers D & Webb E

(2004) FeMO: An Observatory for the Study of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria
Edwards K, Emerson D, Moyer C, Staudigel H, Tebo B, Bailey B, Rogers D & Templeton A

(2001) Evidence for Microbial Activity in Black Shale Weathering Environments
Petsch ST, Edwards KJ & Eglinton TI

(2001) Analysis of Nucleic Acids by Liquid Chromatography Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry: First Steps Toward Merging Molecular Biology and Biogeochemistry
Pearson A, Sessions AL, Hayes JM & Edwards KJ

(2001) Biogeochemical Cycling by and Dynamics of Magnetotactic Microorganisms in Chemically- Stratified Coastal Salt Ponds
Bazylinski DA, Frankel RB, Edwards KJ, Moskowitz BM, Schlezinger DR & Howes BL

(2000) Microbial Response to Mineral Surface Microtopography
Edwards K & Rutenburg A

(2000) Microbes that Utilize Kerogen: Degradation of Ancient, Refractory Organic Matter during Black Shale Weathering
Petsch S, Edwards K & Eglinton T

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