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All abstracts by Lawrence R. Edwards in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Megadroughts at the Dawn of Islam Recorded in a Stalagmite from Northern Oman
Fleitmann D, Bradley RS, Burns SJ, Mudelsee M, Cheng H, Edwards LR, Mangini A & Matter A

(2010) U-Th Systematics in Deep-Sea Red Clays
Wang X, Broecker W, Edwards L & Cheng H

(2010) Mid-Holocene El Ni├▒o-Southern Oscillation Revisited
Cobb K, Sayani H, Charles C, Westphal N, Edwards L & Cheng H

(2008) Decadal to Millenial Variability in Holocene Winter Climate in the Pacific Northwest
Ersek V, Clark P, Mix A, Cheng H & Edwards LR

(2006) Garove Island: degree of melting and melt modification processes in the New Britain Arc
Edwards L, Hergt J & Woodhead J

(2002) Timescale of Melt Differentiation from 231Pa-226Ra Data
Asmerom Y, Mukasa S, Cheng H, Polyak V & Edwards L

(2000) Tropical Climate Characteristics of the Last Millennium as Revealed by Splicing Fossil Corals from the Central Pacific
Cobb K, Charles C, Kastner M, Edwards L & Cheng H

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