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All abstracts by Carlos Pimentel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Vaterite Formation from Aqueous Carbonation of Gypsum for CO2 Capture and Utilisation
Pimentel C, Montes-Hernandez G & Van Driessche AES

(2023) New 3D Crystal Models for Teaching Crystallography
Pimentel C & Pina CM

(2023) From Real Sample to Digital 3D Model: Photogrammetry to Disseminate Collections and Experiments
Heredia CR, Papaslioti EM & Pimentel C

(2019) Geochemical Modelling of Inorganic Foliar Fertilizers
Pimentel C, Pina CM & Fernandez V

(2019) Cation Ordering and Crystallinity of Dolomites in the Geological Record
Pina CM, Pimentel C & Crespo Á

(2019) Minerals in Science Fiction
Pina CM & Pimentel C

(2015) Formation of Metal-Bearing Overgrowths on Dolomite Surfaces
Pina CM, Pimentel C & Gnecco E

(2015) Synthesis of Dolomite Analogues at Ambient Conditions
Pimentel C & Pina CM

(2013) Nanotribology of Mineral Surfaces in Aqueous Environments
Pina CM, Pimentel C & Gnecco E

(2013) Study of Surfaces of Al2SiO5 Minerals by Lateral Force Microscopy
Pimentel C, Pina CM & Gnecco E

(2012) Epitaxy of Calcite on Dolomite and Kutnahorite (104) Surfaces
Pina CM, Pimentel C & Gnecco E

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