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All abstracts by Harry Elderfield in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Diagenesis Determined by Synchrotron X-Ray CT – Insights from the Ontong Java Plateau
Read E, Branson O, Redfern S, Rau C & Elderfield H

(2015) Atlantic and Pacific Deep Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling Changes during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Piotrowski A, Howe J, Rennie V, Clegg J & Elderfield H

(2015) Porewater δ7Li Profile of IODP Expedition 339 – An Insight into Clay Dewatering
Misra S, Miller M, Hodell D & Elderfield H

(2015) Controls on Sr/Ca Incorporation into Benthic Foraminifera Tests – A Down-Core and Intra-Shell Variability Perspective
Kerr J, Sadekov A & Elderfield H

(2015) Major Cation, Carbon System and Trace Element Chemistry in Pore Waters from the Iberian Margin: Implications for Paleoproxies
Greaves M, Elderfield H, Hodell D, Skinner L, Sevilgen D, Grauel A-L, de la Fuente M, Misra S & Daunt C

(2015) Submicron Measurements of Mg Isotopes in Biogenic Carbonates Using LA-MC-ICPMS
Sadekov A, Lloyd N, Misra S, Mewes A, Shuttleworth S, Langer G, Bijma J & Elderfield H

(2014) Ostracod Trace Element Proxies: More Complexity, Less Certainty
Branson O, Redfern S, Molina S, Elmore A & Elderfield H

(2013) The Coordination of Boron in Foraminiferal Calcite
Branson O, Redfern S, Kaczmarek K, Tyliszczak T & Elderfield H

(2013) Ocean Geochemistry and Paleoproxies: Deep Ocean Carbonate Ion Through Six Glacial-Interglacial Cycles
Elderfield H

(2013) Evidence for Increased Southern Ocean Waters in the Tropical Intermediate Indian Ocean during the Last Deglaciation
Rashid H, Elderfield H, Gourlan A & Smith M

(2013) Geochemical Proxy Nanostructure of Foraminifera by X-Ray Imaging: STXM and Tomography
Redfern S, Branson O, Elderfield H, Tylisczak T & Rau C

(2012) Improved Analytical Method for Determination B Isotopes by Magnetic Sector ICP-MS
Misra S, Kerr J, Greaves M & Elderfield H

(2010) Emerging Global Deep Ocean Carbonate Ion Concentrations Since the Last Glacial Age
Yu J, Broecker W & Elderfield H

(2009) Carbonate Burial, Circulation and CO2 Release at Terminations
Rickaby R & Elderfield H

(2008) Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Surface Water pCO2 in the Northern Arabian Sea Since 29 ka
Palmer M, Brummer G-J, Cooper MJ, Elderfield H, Greaves M, Reichart G-J, Schouten S & Yu J-M

(2008) Indian Ocean Circulation and Productivity during the Last Glacial Cycle
Piotrowski A, Banakar V, Scrivner A & Elderfield H

(2007) Biominerals, Proxies, Vital Effects, and Ocean Palaeochemistry
Elderfield H

(2006) How do marine carbonate Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca proxies constrain Cenozoic ocean history
Elderfield H, Rickaby R & Henderiks J

(2006) High resolution trace metal analysis of benthic foraminifera reveal nutrient excursions in Antarctic Intermediate Water
Cook M, Elderfield H, Zahn R & Pahnke K

(2006) Algal Constraints on the Cenozoic History of Atmospheric CO2
Henderiks J, Rickaby R & Elderfield H

(2006) The Mg isotope budget of the modern ocean: Constraints from riverine Mg isotope ratios
Tipper E, Galy A, Gaillardet J, Bickle M, Elderfield H & Carder E

(2006) Blooming Coccolithophores
Rickaby R, Stoll H, Henderiks J, Shaw S & Elderfield H

(2005) Mechamisms of Mg Isotopes Fractionation during CaCO<->3<$> Biomineralisation
Dessert C, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2005) Magnesium Isotopes in Bacterial Dolomites: A Novel Approach to the Dolomite Problem
Carder E, Galy A, McKenzie J, Vasconcelos C & Elderfield H

(2004) Ge/Si and Ge Isotope Systematic in Marine Sediments
Rouxel O, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2004) The Magnesium Isotopic Composition of Oceanic Water Masses
Carder E, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2002) Reconstructing Alboran Sea Hydrography during the Last Organic Rich Layer Formation
Cacho I, Sierro F, Shackleton N, Elderfield H & Grimalt J

(2002) Foraminiferal Mg/Ca Paleothermometry: Expected Advances and Unexpected Consequences
Elderfield H

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