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All abstracts by Robert Marc Ellam in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Nature of the Early Cenozoic Alkaline Mafic Magmatism: Implications for Mantle Source
Deniz K, Kadioglu YK, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Boyce AJ & Barfod D

(2015) Picrite-Basalt Associated to Ethiopian-Yemeni CFB and their Relevance to Mantle Plume Processes
Natali C, Beccaluva L, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Savo A, Siena F & Stuart F

(2015) Precessional Variation in Seawater-Derived Late Miocene Pb Isotopes
Modestou S, Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Rodés Á, van der Schee M, Frank M, Muiños S, Ellam R & Flecker R

(2015) Initial Results from the SUERC 253 Ultra: A New High Resolution Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Isotopologue Analysis
Ellam R, Newton J, Hilkert A, Schwieters J & Deerberg M

(2014) Potassium Isotope Geochemistry and Magmatic Processes
Morgan L, Higgins J, Davidheiser-Kroll B, Lloyd N, Faithfull J & Ellam R

(2013) Potassium Stable Isotopic Compositions Measured by High-Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Morgan L, Lloyd N, Ellam R, Simon J & Tappa M

(2012) Can Nd Tell us About Mediterranean Outflow Water?
Ivanovic R, Gutjahr M, Flecker R, Valdes P, Kouwenhoven T, Rickli J, Ellam R & Nicodemou A

(2012) In situ Geochemical Characterization of Experimental Partial Melts
Meade F, Masotta M, Troll V, Freda C, Dahren B, Davidson J & Ellam R

(2011) Integration of the Intrusive and Extrusive Cycles of Palaeogene Igneous Activity in N.E. Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble JA, Renne PR, Ellam RM, Fitton JG & Lyle P

(2010) Coupled CO2-leakage and in situ Fluid-Mineral Reactions in a Natural CO2 Reservoir, Green River, Utah
Kampman N, Burnside N, Bickle M, Shipton Z, Ellam R & Chapman H

(2010) Observations on the Distribution of High 3He/4He in OIB
Ellam R & Stuart F

(2010) Tectonic Controls on the Timing and Chemistry of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R & Lyle P

(2010) Baffin Island Picrites Contain Normal Terrestrial 142Nd/144Nd: Implications for the Source of High 3He/4He in Deep Earth
de Leeuw GAM, Carlson RW, Ellam RM & Stuart FM

(2009) The Influence of Crustal Composition on Magmatic Differentiation Across Five Major Crustal Terranes: The British-Irish Palaeocene Igneous Province (BPIP)
Troll VR, Nicoll G, Meade F, Ellam R, Emeleus H & Gamble J

(2009) The Age and Peterogenesis of Palaeogene Flood Basalt Volcanism in NE Ireland
McKenna C, Gamble J, Renne P, Fitton G, Ellam R, Stuart F & Lyle P

(2009) Osmium Isotope Insights into High 3He/4He Mantle and Convecting Mantle in the North Atlantic
Dale CW, Pearson DG, Starkey NA, Stuart FM, Ellam RM, Larsen LM, Fitton JG & Macpherson CG

(2008) Pb, Sr and Nd Isotopic Constraints on the Evolving Provenance of the Red River
Clift P, Ellam R, Hinton R & Tan MT

(2008) Is There a Hidden Primordial 3He-Rich Reservoir in the Deep Earth?
Stuart F, Basu S, Ellam R, Fitton G & Starkey N

(2008) The Origin of the High 3He/4He, High Temperature Early Iceland Plume
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) Generation and Emplacement of Granitic Magmas at the Paleocene Rum Igneous Complex, Northwest Scotland
Nicoll G, Troll V, Donaldson C, Ellam R & Emeleus H

(2007) Crustal Contamination in the British and Irish Palaeogene Igneous Province: Mechanisms, Timing and Implications for the Formation of Granitic Magmas
Meade FC, Troll VR, Chew DM, Ellam RM, Font L & Chadwick JP

(2007) No Role for Discrete, Depleted High 3He/4He Mantle
Starkey N, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Basu S & Larsen L

(2007) Lithosphere/Asthenosphere Interaction in a Plume Region: Evidence from Ethiopian Mantle Xenoliths
Beccaluva L, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Natali C, Siena F & Stuart FM

(2007) Spinel-Lherzolite Xenoliths from the Hoggar Swell: Evidence for Intracratonic Asthenosphere Upwelling and Lithosphere Rejuvenation
Beccaluva L, Azzouni-Sekkal A, Benhallou A, Bianchini G, Ellam RM, Marzola M, Siena F & Stuart F

(2007) Short-Term Geochemical Variation within a Single Eruption Event: Mount Edgecumbe Volcano, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Gardner MF, Carroll LD, Gamble JA, Ellam RM, Troll VR & Price RC

(2006) Determining the Extent of Depleted Uranium Contamination in Soils at a Weapons Test Site: An Isotopic Investigation
Oliver I, Mackenzie A, Ellam R, Graham M & Farmer J

(2005) <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Surface Waters of the English Lake District
Atarashi-Andoh M, Schnabel C, Cook G, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, MacKenzie A, Maden C, Olive V & Sheng X

(2005) The Development of <+>129<$>I/<+>127<$>I Ratios in Scottish Sea Water
Schnabel C, Olive V, Atarashi-Andoh M, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Maden C, Stocker M, Synal H & Wacker L

(2004) Source of Radiogenic He in the Mantle Wedge: Constraints from Italian Plio-Quaternary Volcanism
Martelli M, Di liberto V, Ellam R, Nuccio P & Stuart F

(2004) 129I/127I Ratios in the Scottish Hydrosphere
Schnabel C, Olive V, Dougans A, Ellam R, Freeman S, Xu S & Wacker L

(2004) Sr and Nd Evidence for Successive Contamination of the Slieve Gullion Ring Dyke Magmas, Co. Armagh, Ireland
Troll V, Chadwick J, Ellam R, McDonnell S, Meighan I & Emeleus C

(2004) HRDM: The Common High 3He/4He Reservoir in Earth Mantle
Stuart F & Ellam R

(2004) He-Isotope Characteristics of Geochemically Enriched Basalts from the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Western Iceland
Williams A, Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G, Johansen T & Trønnes R

(2000) What Really Controls Mica Rb-Sr Closure Temperature?
Jenkin GR, Ellam R, Rogers G & Stuart F

(2000) Constraints on Magma Sources in the North Atlantic Ocean from the Isotope Geochemistry of Basalts from Jan Mayen and Snaefellsness, Iceland
Stuart F, Ellam R, Fitton G & Raistrick M

(2000) Isotopic Variability of Sr and Nd in Lateritic Deposits from the Deccan Traps, India: Evidence for an Input of Aeolian Material to the Laterites
Mason TFD, Widdowson M, Ellam RM & Oxburgh R

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