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All abstracts by T.r. Elliott in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Mass-Dependent Mo Isotope Variations in Oceanic Basalts – A New Tracer for Mantle Recycling Processes
Willbold M, Freymuth H, Hibbert K, Lai Y-J, Hin R & Elliott T

(2015) Isotopic Fingerprinting of U Recycling
Andersen M & Elliott T

(2015) The B and Li Isotopic Compositions of MORB and the Depleted Mantle
Marschall H, Wanless D, Shimizu N, Pogge von Strandmann P & Elliott T

(2015) Correlation of 48Ca-50Ti-54Cr Isotopic Anomalies Among Meteoritic Materials
Chen H-W, Elliott T & Lee T

(2015) Cerium Isotope Systematics in the Mariana Arc-Basin System
Bellot N, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Pin C, Savov I, Plank T & Elliott T

(2015) The Influence of Valence State on Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation
Hin RC, Burnham AD, Walter MJ & Elliott T

(2015) Continental Weathering and Earth System Response
Kasemann S, Pogge von Strandmann P, Prave A, Ohnemüller F, Fallick A, Elliott T & Hoffmann K-H

(2015) Non-Traditional Isotope Tracers (238U/235U and 98Mo/95Mo) of Subduction Processes in the Central-Mediterranean Magmatism
Casalini M, Avanzinelli R, Elliott T, Tommasini S & Conticelli S

(2015) Reassessment of Deep Sediment Recycling from U-Series Isotopes in Izu Arc Lavas
Freymuth H & Elliott T

(2015) Aluminium-26 Systematics of CV3 Chondrules: Evidence for a Multi-Stage Thermal History
Russell S, Claydon J, Coath C, Lai Y-J & Elliott T

(2015) Constraining Slab Recycling Under Vesusius Volcano from Combined U-Series and Non-Traditional Stable Isotope (Mo, 238U/235U) Data
Avanzinelli R, Casalini M, Elliott T & Conticelli S

(2015) The Tungsten Isotopic Composition of the Acasta Gneiss Complex
Willbold M, Mojzsis S, Chen H & Elliott T

(2015) Collision Cell MC-ICPMS
Elliott T, Wehrs H, Coath C, Lewis J & Schwieters J

(2014) Veritas in Vanadium? Stable Isotope Signatures from the Marianas, MORB and Magnetite
Prytulak J, Sossi P, O'Neill H, Plank T, Elliott T, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2014) Advantages of Combined High Precision MC-ICPMS and High Spatial Resolution Techniques in Earth Sciences
Kasemann S, Jones R, Schmidt D, Elliott T & Kirstein L

(2014) Comparison of Ce Isotopes in Two Oceanic Arc Systems: Lesser Antilles and Mariana
Bellot N, Boyet M, Doucelance R, Chauvel C, Plank T & Elliott T

(2014) The Implications of a Non-Chondritic Terrestrial Mg Isotope Composition
Elliott T, Lai Y-J, Walker A, Coath C, Pogge von Strandmann P, Willbold M, Chen H, Hin R, Bonsor A & Leinhardt Z

(2013) 238U-230Th and 235U-231Pa Disequilibria from the Island of Fogo, Cape Verde
Adena K, Elliott T & Ramalho R

(2013) The Global U Isotopic Cycle
Elliott T, Andersen M & Freymuth H

(2013) The ε182W Isotope Composition of the ca. 3920 Ma Acasta Gneiss Complex
Willbold M, Mojzsis S & Elliott T

(2013) High-Precision Mg-Isotope Measurements of Peridotites and Bulk Chondrites
Lai Y-J, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Elliott T, Russell S & Brooker R

(2013) Glacial-Interglacial Changes in Ocean Carbonate Chemistry Constrained by Boron Isotopes, Trace Elements, and Modelling
Rae J, Adkins J, Foreman A, Charles C, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2013) Linking Mantle Melting and Eruption Rates at Stromboli Volcano: A U-Series Perspective
Avanzinelli R, Bragagni A, Francalanci L, Freymuth H & Elliott T

(2013) Boron Cycling in the Central Andean Subduction Zone: Evidence for Recycled Components
Jones R, Kirstein L, Hinton R, Kasemann S, Elliott T & Litvak V

(2013) New Experimental Constraints on Slab Top Conditions
Skora S, Martindale M, Carter L, Blundy J, Elliott T & Pickles J

(2013) Searching for Evidence for Mo Isotope Fractionation in the Mantle
Hibbert K, Willbold M, Andersen M & Elliott T

(2013) Mass-Related U Isotope Fractionation during Alteration of Oceanic Crust and Release of U in Subduction Zones – Implications for Deep Recycling of Oceanic Crust
Freymuth H, Andersen M & Elliott T

(2013) Calcium and Magnesium Isotopes Reveal Earth System Response in the Aftermath of a Cryogenian Glaciation
Kasemann S, Pogge von Strandmann P, Prave A, Fallick A, Elliott T & Hoffmann K-H

(2012) Mass-Dependent Molybdenum Isotope Variations in Ocean Island Basalts
Willbold M, Elliott T & Archer C

(2012) The Influence of Recycling on Mantle 238U/235U?
Andersen M & Elliott T

(2012) Boron Isotope Constraints on Deglacial Deepwater Formation and CO2 Release from the North Pacific
Rae J, Ridgwell A, Foster G, Sarnthein M, Grootes P & Elliott T

(2012) Mo and Ni Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Fluids Across Subsurface Alteration Gradients
Archer C, Elliott T, Van Den Boorn S & Van Bergen P

(2012) Subduction Erosion, Magmatism and Continental Crust Formation in the Southern Central Andes
Jones R, Kirstein L, Hinton R, Kasemann S, Dhuime B & Elliott T

(2011) Se Isotope Evidence for Atmospheric Oxidation at ~0.6 Ga
Pogge von Strandmann P, Elliott T, Catling D & Poulton S

(2011) Tracing Crustal Recycling in the Mantle Sources of the Cape Verde and Azores Plumes Using Stable Mo Isotope Measurements
Lai Y-J, Elliott T & Willbold M

(2011) Secondary Crustal Effects on MORB Composition at the Kolbeinsey Ridge
Elkins L, Sims K, Prytulak J, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Dunbar N, Blichert-Toft J, Devey C, Mertz D, Schilling J-G & Murrell M

(2011) Molybdenum Isotopes as a Novel Tracer for Subduction Components in the Mariana Arc
Freymuth H, Elliott T & Willbold M

(2011) Molybdenum Isotopes in the Altered Oceanic Crust, a Novel Proxy for Recycling?
Vils F, Elliott T, Willbold M, Harris M, Smith-Duque C, Coggon R & Teagle D

(2011) The W Isotopic Composition of the Hadean Mantle: Evidence for the Late Heavy Bombardment
Willbold M, Elliott T & Moorbath S

(2011) Trace Metal and Mo Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Fluids
Archer C, Elliott T, Van den Boorn S, Avanzinalli R & Van Bergen P

(2011) Polar Twins? Deglacial Carbon and Circulation Records from the Deep North Pacific and Southern Oceans
Rae J, Foster G, Gutjahr M, Sarnthein M, Skinner L, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2011) Fractionation of Li and Mg Isotopes in Mantle Derived Materials- Promise, Perils and Progress
Elliott T, Pogge von Strandmann P, Lai YJ, Kasemann S, Ionov D, Takazawa E, Marschall H, Gallagher K & Dohmen R

(2011) Nickel Isotope Anomalies: Neutron-Rich or Neutron-Poor?
Steele R, Elliott T, Coath C & Regelous M

(2010) Effects of Seawater Alteration on the 234U/238U-Ratios of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
Vils F, Elliott T, Avanzinelli R, Smith-Duque CE, Alt JC & Teagle D

(2009) Benthic Boron Isotopes and Glacial CO2
Rae J, Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2009) ε182W in Ocean Island Basalts and the Role of Core-Mantle Interaction
Willbold M, Elliott T & Archer C

(2009) An Atomistic Perspective of the Incorporation of Noble Gases and Other Trace Elements into Magmatic Crystals
Pinilla C, Davis S, Elliott T, Allan N & Blundy J

(2009) Slab Components in the Mariana Arc: Light, Heavy and Novel
Elliott T, Avanzinelli R, Prytulak J, Willbold M & Bouman C

(2009) Mg Isotope Heterogeneity in the Mantle
Pogge von Strandmann P, Elliott T, Marschall H, Ionov D & Niu Y

(2009) Enstatite Chondrite and Related Earth Models
Wade J, Wood B, Elliott T & Walter M

(2009) Measurement of Mass-Independent ε64Ni Isotopic Anomalies in Meteorites
Steele R, Elliott T, Coath C & Regelous M

(2009) (234U/238U) and (230Th/238U) Disequilibria in Fresh and Altered Kolbeinsey Ridge Basalts
Elkins LJ, Sims KWW, Prytulak J, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Blichert-Toft J, Blusztajn J, Devey C, Mertz D, Kelemen P, Murrell M & Schilling J-G

(2008) Doubly-Distilling Eclogite in Ocean Island Basalt Sources
Prytulak J & Elliott T

(2008) Origin of Ti Isotope Heterogeneity in the Protoplanetary Disk
Trinquier A, Bizzarro M, Ulfbeck D, Elliott T, Coath C, Mendybaev R, Richter F & Krot A

(2008) Mantle Melting beneath Island Arcs: U-Series Constraints from Marianas
Avanzinelli R, Elliott T & Prytulak J

(2008) Li and Mg Isotopes in the Mantle: Heterogeneity or Diffusion?
Pogge von Strandmann P, Elliott T, Ionov D & Niu Y

(2008) Boron Isotope Measurements of Marine Carbonate Using MC-ICPMS
Foster GL, Rae J & Elliott T

(2007) Heavy Lithium in Subducted Slabs
Marschall H, Pogge von Strandmann P, Seitz H-M & Elliott T

(2007) Li Isotopes and Li/Ca Measured in Foraminifera via SIMS and MC-ICP-MS
Abell R, Elliott T, Foster G, Kasemann S & Schmidt D

(2007) The Accuracy of δ11B Measurements of Foraminifera
Ni Y, Foster G & Elliott T

(2007) TiO2 in OIB and the Preservation of Extreme Isotopic Signatures
Prytulak J & Elliott T

(2007) Metasomatism and Melting in Subduction-Related Volcanics: U-Th-Pa Constraints from Vesuvius
Avanzinelli R, Prytulak J, Elliott T, Mattei M & Conticelli S

(2007) Diffusively Driven Li Isotope Fractionation
Elliott T, Pogge van Strandmann P, Gallagher K, Kasemann S & Sims K

(2007) Nickel Isotope Anomalies in Iron and Chondritic Meteorites
Regelous M, Elliott T & Coath C

(2007) Quaternary Records of Ocean pH
Foster G, Schmidt D & Elliott T

(2005) Fe Isotope Composition in Neoproterozic Dolomite Rocks and Banded Iron Formations
Leighton E, Prave AR, Hawkesworth CJ & Elliott TR

(2004) U-Th-Pa Disequilibria Constraints on the Subduction Processes beneath the South Sandwich Island Arc System
Heumann A, Elliott T, Regelous M, Kirstein L & Leat P

(2004) Li Isotope Signatures of Ocean Island Basalts
Jeffcoate A & Elliott T

(2004) Lithium Isotopic Composition of Altered Oceanic Crust at ODP Site 1256, Leg 206
Cooper K, Elliott T & Teagle D

(2004) W Isotope Chronology of Asteroidal Core Formation
Scherstén A, Elliott T, Russell S & Hawkesworth C

(2004) High-Spatial Resolution Lithium Isotope Variation in Mantle Minerals
Kasemann S, Jeffcoate A & Elliott T

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation by Chemotrophic Iron-Oxidisers
Leighton E, Elliott T, Hawkesworth C, Parkes J & Coath C

(2002) Li Isotope Variations in the Upper Mantle
Elliott T, Thomas A, Jeffcoate A & Niu Y

(2002) Fingerprinting Early Continental Evolution Using Ca Isotopes
Kreissig K & Elliott T

(2002) Li Isotopes Fractionation in the Mantle
Jeffcoate AB, Elliott T & Ionov DA

(2002) Testing the Internally Consistent Age Information of U-Series Disequilibria in Rhyolites: Inyo Domes, CA
Heumann A, Elliott T & Davies G

(2002) 238U and 230Th Excesses in Kolbeinsey Ridge Basalts
Sims K, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Kelemen P, DePaolo D & Mertz D

(2002) Petrology of Parental Melts of Sao Miguel and Pico, Azores Islands: Magmatic Inclusions Study
Nikogosian I & Elliott T

(2002) Determination of Lithium Isotope Compositions by MC-ICPMS (Thermo Finnigan MAT Neptune)
Bouman C, Vroon PZ, Elliott TR, Schwieters JB & Hamester M

(2000) Li Isotope Evolution of the Mantle from Analyses of Mantle Xenoliths
Bouman C, Elliott TR, Vroon PZ & Pearson DG

(2000) Evolution of Parental Magmas beneath a Thick Lithosphere, La Palma, Canary Islands: Study of Melt, Fluid and Crystal Inclusions
Nikogosian I, Elliott T & Touret JL

(2000) Sao Miguel, Revisited: New Perspectives on the Mantle Source and Melting Processes beneath the Azores
Heumann A, Blichert-Toft J, Koetsier G & Elliott T

(2000) U-Th Disequilibrium from Picrites to Tholeiites in the Iceland Rift
Elliott T & Koetsier G

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