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All abstracts by Akio Suzuki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Deuterium Content and Site Occupancy in Iron Sulphide at High Pressure and High Temperature: Implications for the Oxidation of Early Earth’s Mantle
Abeykoon S, Howard C, Dominijanni S, Eberhard L, Frost D, Boffa Ballaran T, Kurnosov A, Terasaki H, Sakamaki T, Suzuki A, Ohtani E, Sano-Furukawa A & Abe J

(2020) Longitudinal Wave Velocity of Sodium Aluminosilicate Melt at High Pressure
Sakamaki T, Aoki K, Ikeda O, Katayama H, Higo Y & Suzuki A

(2020) Nitrogen Contents and Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation in Subduction Zones
Melai C, Frost D, Furukawa Y, Ishida A & Suzuki A

(2016) Melting Relation in the Fe-S-Si System at 10 GPa: Implications for Mercury's Core
Tobe H, Suzuki A, Shibazaki Y, Sakamaki T & Ohtani E

(2014) Effects of Structural Change and Volatiles on Physical Properties of Magma and Magma Separation in the Upper Mantle
Ohtani E, Sakamaki T, Suzuki A & Katayama Y

(2013) P‒V‒T Equation of State of Sodium Majorite up to 21 GPa and 1673 K
Dymshits A, Litasov K, Shatskiy A, Sharygin I, Ohtani E, Suzuki A & Funakoshi K

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