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All abstracts by David Emerson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The art of Biomineralization
Chan CS, McAllister SM, Keffer JL, Zhou N, Hoover RL, Kato S, Koeksoy E & Emerson D

(2020) X-Ray Vision in the Arctic Tundra: Exploring How Redox Biogeochemistry Influences Ecosystem Processes
Herndon E, Kinsman-Costello L, Michaud A, Emerson D & Bowden W

(2018) Experimental Insights into Ancient Biogeochemical Fe-Cycling and Fe-Biosignature Formation
Koeksoy E, Kappler A & Emerson D

(2017) Early Temporal Microbial Succession of Marine Chemolithoautotrophic Communities on Iron-Sulfides
Barco R, Nealson K & Emerson D

(2017) Microaerophilic iron(II) Oxidation: An Experimental Approach to Quantify Microbial iron(II) Oxidation Rates
Schmidt C, Maisch M, Lueder U, Druschel G, Emerson D & Kappler A

(2017) Role of Lithotrophic Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria in Iron Cycling in Shallow Marine Sediments
Beam J, Emerson D, Scott J & Chen T

(2017) Implications for Extracellular Iron-Oxidation and Production of Biogenic Iron Oxides by Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria
Emerson D, Chan C & Barco R

(2012) Investigating Marine Corrosion Communities Using Tagged Pyrosequencing and Single Cell Genomics
McBeth J & Emerson D

(2012) The Coupling of Voltammetric Microelectrodes with Optical Microscopy: A Novel Combination as Applied to the Study of Neutrophilic Iron Oxidizers
Hredzak-Showalter P, Krepski S, Chan C, Emerson D & Luther G

(2012) Biogenicity of Iron Microfossils Based on the Morphology, Physiology, and Behavior of Modern Iron-Depositing Microbes
Krepski ST, Hredzak-Showalter PL, Emerson D, Luther Iii GW & Chan CS

(2010) Marine Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria and Steel Corrosion
McBeth JM, Farrar KM, Fleming EJ, Ray RI, Little BJ & Emerson D

(2010) Untangling the True Phylogeny of Leptothrix ochracea with Single Cell Genomics and FISH
Fleming EJ, Langdon AE, Stepanauskas R, Poulton N, Masland D & Emerson D

(2010) Emerging Patterns in Deep-Sea Microbial Iron Mats
Emerson D, McAllister S, Chan C, Fleming E & Moyer C

(2008) Environmental Voltammetry to Characterize Microbial Habitats
Druschel G, Emerson D & Macalady J

(2007) Formation of Biomineralized Stalks by a Marine Iron-Oxidizing Bacterium
Chan C, Emerson D, Fakra S & Edwards K

(2007) In situ Redox Chemistry of Hydrothermal Fluids at the Loihi Seamount Microbial Observatory
Glazer B, Briggs R, Nuzzio D, Heshiki Z, Edwards K, Moyer C, Emerson D, Tebo B & Staudigel H

(2007) The Loihi Seamount Microbial Observatory: An Extremely Common Deep-Sea Habitat for Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria
Edwards K, Moyer C, Emerson D & Horn G

(2004) Environmental Limits of the Circumneutral Iron-Oxidizing Bacterial Isolate ES-1: Field, Culture, and Kinetic Results from Voltammetric Analyses
Druschel G, Emerson D, Glazer B, Kraiya C, Sutka R & Luther G

(2004) FeMO: An Observatory for the Study of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria
Edwards K, Emerson D, Moyer C, Staudigel H, Tebo B, Bailey B, Rogers D & Templeton A

(2001) Utilization of the ?13C Associated with Amino Acid Biosynthesis as a Proxy for Examining the Intermediary Carbon Metabolism of Microorganisms
Scott JH, Fogel ML & Emerson D

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