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All abstracts by Nina Søager in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemistry of the Arc-Adjacent Loicas Trough Plumbing System, Argentina
Traun MK, Waterton P, Waight T & Søager N

(2022) Delamination of Lithopheric Mantle in the Central Sulu Orogenic Belt in Early Cretaceous: Evidence from Trachyandesites and Lamprophyres of New Scientific Drilling LK-1
Zhou T, Zhou Y & Søager N

(2022) Origin of Silicic Volcanism in the North Patagonian Rear Arc
Traun MK, Søager N, Waterton P, Waight T, Münker C, Andreasen R, Iannelli S, Litvak V & Folguera A

(2021) EM1 Pyroxenite Melts from the SCLM: A Possible Source of the Enriched Isotope Signatures in Andean NSVZ Arc Magmas
Søager N, Holm PM & Hoernle K

(2021) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Subduction Recycling in the Southern Andes Arc
Traun MK, Pope EC, van der Meer Q, Nielsen SG, Søager N & Waight TE

(2019) The Zircon-Scale Insights into Early Cretaceous Volcanism in Central Sulu Orogenic Belt, Eatern China: Implications on Magma Processes
Zhou T, Zhou Y, Søager N, Holm PM & Zhang Z

(2019) Lower Crustal Melting during Mio-Pliocene Arc Volcanism and Thrusting in the Payenia Volcanic Province, Argentina
Søager N, Florea LM, Holm PM, Folguera A & Litvak V

(2017) Alkaline OIB Melts: Plume or Lithospheric Melts? Constraints from Trace Elements in Olivine
Søager N, Holm PM, Portnyagin M & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2015) Asthespheric Versus Lithospheric Sources of the Payenia Basalts (Argentina): Constraints from Al-in-Olivine Thermometry and Melt Inclusions
Søager N, Portnyagin M, Hoernle K, Holm PM & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2015) Episodes of Intraplate Magmatism in the Andean SVZ Mantle Wedge
Holm PM, Søager N & Scherstén A

(2014) Origin of Northern Backarc Magmas of the Southern Volcanic Zone, Andes
Holm PM, Alfastsen M, Bertotto GW & Søager N

(2014) The Role of Pyroxenite Sources in the Origin of the Payenia Volcanic Province, Argentina: Insights from Trace Elements in Olivine
Søager N, Portnyagin M, Hoernle K & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2013) Compositional Constraints on the Mantle Below Part of the Andes SVZ
Holm PM, Søager N & Dyhr CT

(2007) Comparison of the Development in Melt Compositions in the Faroe Islands and East Greenland during Continental Breakup in the Paleogene
Holm PM & Søager N

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