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All abstracts by Akira Tsuchiyama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Condensation Experiments of Mg-Si-Fe-Ni-Al-Ca-O-S Silicates in ITP System
Takigawa A, Imura Y, Enju S & Tsuchiyama A

(2019) In situ Experiments of Aqueous Alteration of Amorhous Silicates in the System MgO-SiO2
Igami Y, Tsuchiyama A, Yamazaki T & Kimura Y

(2019) Cryo-FIB-SEM-Edx Analysis of Fluid Inclusions Reveals the Deep Fluid Chemistry
Yoshida K, Orozbaev R, Hirajima T, Miyake A, Tsuchiyama A, Bakirov A, Takasu A & Sakiev K

(2017) A Very Porous Lithology of the Acfer 094 Meteorite
Tsuchiyama A, Nakato A, Matsuno J, Miyake A, Matsumto MK-UAJ, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Nakano T, Vaccaro E & Russell S

(2017) 3D Modeling from CT Images: Synthetic Basalt Model
Pupier E, Charles C, Duquennoy J, Nakamura M, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi K & Uesugi M

(2017) 3D Reconstruction of Synthetic Crystals and Results Comparisons
Charles C, Pupier E, Duquennoy J, Nakamura M, Okumura S, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi K & Uesugi M

(2017) TEM Observations of Ivuna Matrix in Connection with its 3D Structure
Kitayama A, Tsuchiyama A, Matsuno J, Miyake A, Takayama A & Itoh S

(2017) TEM Observations of Amorphous Silicates and the Adjacent Alteration Products in MIL 090657 Matrix
Sugimoto M, Tsuchiyama A, Matsuno J, Takayama A, Miyake A, Nakamura-Messenger K, Burton A & Messenger S

(2016) 3D Shapes of Olivine Negative Crystals in Equilibrated Ordinary Chondrites: Estimation of Equilibrium Form
Nakamura R, Tsuchiyama A, Miyake A, Takigawa A, Igami Y, Ohi S, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A & Nakano T

(2016) SR-Based Analytical Micro-Nanotomography and its Appication to Extraterrestrial Materials
Tsuchiyama A, Nakano T, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A & Miyake A

(2015) H and He Ion Irradiation Experiments of Corundum: Amorphization of Interstellar Dust
Takigawa A, Matsumoto T, Watanabe N, Miyake A, Yasuda K, Nakata Y & Tsuchiyama A

(2013) CSD, Crystal Shape and Connectivity in Synthetic Basalt from 3D Reconstruction by X-Ray CT Image
Ottavi-Pupier E, Dard├ę B, Monnier L, Nakamura M, Okumura S, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi M & Uesugi K

(2013) 3D Shapes of Regolith Particles: Comparison between Itokawa and Moon
Tsuchiyama A, Matsushima T, Matsumoto T, Nakano T, Amemiya D, Matsuno J, Nagano T, Shimada A, Uesugi K, Takeuchi A, Suzuki Y & Ohtake M

(2013) Ion Irradiation Experiments to Olivine: Comparison with Space Weathering Rims of Itokawa and Lunar Regolith Particles
Matsumoto T, Tsuchiyama A, Takigawa A, Yasuda K, Nakata Y, Watanabe N, Kouchi A, Nakamura M, Miyake A & Ohtake M

(2013) Low Core-Mantle Boundary Temperature Inferred from the Solidus of Pyrolite
Nomura R, Hirose K, Uesugi K, Ohishi Y & Tsuchiyama A

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