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All abstracts by Frieder Enzmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Pore-Scale Simulation of Calcite Cement Dissolution in Sandstone
Hinz C, Enzmann F & Kersten M

(2017) Dynamic Simulation of Kinetic Calcite Dissolution in a μCT-generated Pore Space
Hinz C, Enzmann F & Kersten M

(2016) Dynamic Simulation of Diffusion Controlled Celestite Precipitation in a µCT-generated Pore Space
Hinz C, Enzmann F, Chagneau A, Schäfer T, Glatt E & Kersten M

(2016) Impact of Wettability on Two Phase Flow at the Pore Scale
Ruecker M, Bartels W-B, Berg S, Mahani H, Ott H, Georgiadis A, Brussee N, Coorn A, van der Linde H, Hinz C, Jacob A, Wagner C, Henkel S, Enzmann F, Bonnin A, Stampanoni M, Hassanizadeh SM & Blunt M

(2013) Coupling HTO Tracer Experiments and Tomography Imaging to Monitor the Effects of Celestite Porosity Clogging on Diffusion Properties in Porous Media
Chagneau A, Claret F, Madé B, Wolf M, Enzmann F & Schäfer T

(2013) Direct Observation of Gas Hydrate Formation in a Sedimentary Matrix on the Microscale
Sell K, Chaouachi M, Enzmann F, Kuhs WF, Kersten M, Pinzer B & Saenger EH

(2011) Polycrystalline Diamonds Witness Redox Processes in the Earth’s Mantle
Jacob D, Wirth R & Enzmann F

(2010) Bentonite Nanoparticle Mediated Radionuclide Migration Under Simulated Glacial Melt-Water Intrusion in Fractured Rocks
Huber F, Enzmann F & Schäfer T

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