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All abstracts by Jacinta Enzweiler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Lithium Isotopes in Groundwater and its Apparent Age in Connected Aquifers
Enzweiler J, Marteleto TDP & de Abreu AES

(2020) Lithium Isotopes in Groundwater from Distinct Interconnected Aquifers
de Paula Marteleto T, Navarro M, Paula-Santos G & Enzweiler J

(2019) Rare Earth Elements in Water of Atibaia and Jaguari Rivers Basins (SE Brazil)
Mortatti B & Enzweiler J

(2018) Anthropogenic Gadolinium in Surface Water as a Tracer of Wastewater Leaking from Sewage Pipelines
de Paula Marteleto T & Enzweiler J

(2018) Potentially Toxic and Alloy Elements in an Impounded Vehicle Scrapyard
Neves Lange C, Graciano Figueiredo AM, Enzweiler J & Rebelo Monteiro L

(2018) Rare Earth Elements in Carbonate Rocks of the Bambuí Group, Brazil, and their Relationship with Early Diagenetic Environments
Paula-Santos G, Caetano-Filho S, Enzweiler J, Navarro MS, Kuchenbecker M & Bedoya-Rueda C

(2017) Complete Dissolution of Geological Samples Using NH4HF2 in a Microwave Oven
Magaldi T, Navarro M & Enzweiler J

(2017) Rare Earth Elements of Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks and their Significance as Paleoenvironmental Proxies
Paula-Santos G, Caetano Filho S, Babinski M & Enzweiler J

(2017) Rare Earth Elements Leaching Experiments from Plutonic and Metamorphic Rocks with Desferrioxamine B Solution
Mortatti B, Faria LF & Enzweiler J

(2015) Lanthanides and Uranium in Groundwater Under Influence of Distinct Aquifers
Longhi Bulia I & Enzweiler J

(2014) Matrix Correlation as a Tool to Identify Anthropogenic Gd Anomalies in River Water Samples
Campos F & Enzweiler J

(2014) Reference Material BRP-1 (Basalt Ribeirão Preto): can it be Used as an Isotope Standard?
Babinski M, Petronilho LA, Magdaleno GB, Silva RA, Ruiz IR & Enzweiler J

(2013) Gadolinium Anomalies in Atibaia River Water (SP, Brazil)
Campos F & Enzweiler J

(2013) Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in Marine Co-rich Ferromanganese Crusts of the South Atlantic
Barandas A, Duarte MA & Enzweiler J

(2011) Gaseous Mercury in Soils over Deeply Buried Sulfide Deposits
Barros F, Enzweiler J, Licht O, Castilhos Z & Araujo P

(2010) Groundwater Composition of a Rock Waste Pile of the Uranium Mine of Poços de Caldas, Brazil
Enzweiler J, Pereira S, Barros J & Cotta A

(2008) The Distribution of Mercury in 6 Meters of Soil Developed over Diabase, in São Paulo, Brazil
Fiorentino J, Enzweiler J, Cotta A & Telmer K

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