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All abstracts by Ke Yuan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Effect of Impurities on Magnesium Oxide Hydroxylation and Carbonation
Weber J, Camacho G, Yuan K, Moseley B, Eng PJ, Stubbs JE, Boebinger M, Starchenko V & Bracco JN

(2023) Modeling MgO Particle Passivation during Carbonization
Starchenko V, Yuan K, Stack AG & Weber J

(2021) Effects of Sr2+ Impurity on the Nucleation and Growth of Barite Investigated by Optical Microscopy and X-Ray Nanotomography
Yuan K, Starchenko V, Rampal N, Yang F, Xiao X & Stack AG

(2020) Connecting in situ X-Ray Nano- and Micro-Tomography via Fluid Dynamics Simulations to Study Barium Sulfate Mineral Precipitation
Starchenko V, Yuan K, Weber J, Cheshire M, Rampal N & Stack A

(2020) Evolution of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Acidic Solutions in the Presence of Dissolved Metals
Kim Y, Yuan K, Abdilla B, Sturchio NC, Lee SS & Fenter P

(2018) Oxidative Dissolution Induced Strain and Defects in Magnetite Nanocrystals
Yuan K, Lee SS, Cha W, Ulvestad A, Sturchio N & Fenter P

(2015) Precipitation of Pentavalent Uranium on Magnetite
Yuan K, Ilton E, Antonio M & Becker U

(2013) Uranium Reduction on Magnetite: An Electrochemistry Approach
Yuan K, Ewing RC & Becker U

(2013) Actinide Redox Processes on Iron Sulfides: An Electrochemical, Microscopic, and Computational Approach
Becker U, Yuan K & Renock D

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