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All abstracts by Giovanni Zanchetta in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) High Precision 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Distal Tephra Layers from the Fucino Paleolacustrine Sequence Using ATONA Amplifiers Array
Nomade S, Guillou H, Scao V, Pereira A, Tootell D, Leicher N, Monaco L, Giaccio B, Wagner B, Palladino D, Marra F, Sottili G & Zanchetta G

(2021) Proximal to Distal Correlation of Campania Tephra in the Last 200 ka: Insights from Two Successions Drilled in the Campania Plain
Totaro F, Arienzo I, D'Antonio M, Di Vito MA, Giaccio B, Iovine RS, Petrelli M, Petrosino P, Santangelo N, Santo A & Zanchetta G

(2021) Chemical and Isotopic (87Sr/86Sr and 143Nd/144Nd) Fingerprinting of a Stratigraphic Sequence from the Acerno Lacustrine Basin (Southern Apennines, Italy)
Iovine RS, Totaro F, Petrosino P, Arienzo I, Zanchetta G, Giaccio B, Petrelli M & D'Antonio M

(2017) Mediterranean Climate Variability during the Last Interglacial
Mannella G, Zanchetta G, Regattieri E, Wagner B, Giaccio B, Nomade S, Pereira A, Renne P & Niespolo E

(2015) Microbial Diversity in the Hydromagnesite Mineralization
Bedini F, Boschi C, Ménez B, Di Giuseppe G, Perchiazzi N & Zanchetta G

(2013) Timing and Progression of Mediterranean Climate during MIS5 as Deduced by Speleothem Records from Corchia Cave (Central Italy)
Zanchetta G, Drysdale R, Hellstrom J, Fallick A, Couchoud I, Isola I, Fohlmeister J, Sanchez Goni MF & Regattieri E

(2013) Holocene Climate Variability from Rio Martino Cave (Western Alps, Northern Italy)
Regattieri E, Zanchetta G, Isola I, Drysdale RN, Zanella E, Lanza R, Hellstrom J, Dallai L, Perrette Y, Couchoud I, Magny M, Vanniere B & Lanci L

(2013) Mid to Late Holocene Decreasing Precipitation Trends as Reflected in δ18O of Speleothems from Apuan Alps (Central Italy): Implications for Seasonality
Isola I, Regattieri E, Zanchettta G, Zhornyak L, Drysdale R & Hellstrom J

(2013) The Modern Hydrogeochemistry of Small Pools in Corchia Cave, Italy: Implications for Palaeoclimate Reconstruction
Drysdale R, Zanchetta G, Baneschi I, Couchoud I, Daeron M, Hellstrom J, Paul B, Gagan M, Greig A, Isola I, Regattieri E & Guidi M

(2013) Cold Marine Patagonia Waters and Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements from Quaternary Mollusk Shells
Consoloni I, Zanchetta G, Baneschi I, Dallai L, Guidi M, Tiepolo M & D'Orazio M

(2013) Tephrostratigraphy and Tephrochronology of the Last 130 ka in the Mediterranean Basin for Synchronizing Past Climatic Events
Zanchetta G

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