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All abstracts by Barbara Etschmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Speciation and Transport of Transition Metals in Hydrothermal Fluids: Controls of Temperature, Pressure and Salinity
Liu W, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Testemale D, Mei Y, Migdisov A & Hazemann J-L

(2013) Which Ligand is the most Import for Gold Transport in Hydrothermal Fluids? An in situ XAS Study in Mixed-Ligand Solutions
Liu W, Etschmann B, Testemale D, Mei Y, Hazemann J-L, Rempel K, Müller H & Brugger J

(2013) Uranium Transport and Deposition in Iron Oxide Copper Gold Deposits (IOCG’s): An Experimental Approach
Li K, Brugger J, Pring A, Nogthai Y, Etschmann B, Macmillan E & Zhao J

(2011) Mobility of Platinum and Gold in the Australian Regolith – Spectroscopic and Electron Microscopic Analyses
Reith F, Ta C, Etschmann B, Lenehan C & Brugger J

(2011) Speciation and Thermodynamic Properties of Manganese(II) and Nickel(II) Chloride Complexes in Hydrothermal Fluids: In situ XAS Study
Tian Y, Brugger J, Liu W, Etschmann B, Borg S, Testemale D, O'Neill B & Ngothai Y

(2010) An Synchrotron XAS Study of Speciation and Thermodynamic Properties for Aqueous Cobalt Chloride Complexes at 600 Bar and 35-440℃
Liu W, Borg S, Testemale D, Etschmann B, Hazemann J-L & Brugger J

(2009) Copper Speciation and Partitioning between Vapor and Liquid Phases in Sulphuric Solution: An XAS Study
Etschmann B, Liu W, Brugger J, Testemale D, Hazemann J-L, Müller H & Proux O

(2009) The Distribution of Gold in Biogenic and Abiogenic Carbonates
Reith F, Etschmann B, Brewe D, Vogt S & Brugger J

(2008) An XAS Study of CuCl Solubility and Copper Speciation in Low-Density Water Near the Critical Isochore
Liu W, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2006) A XANES study of Zn and Fe(II) chloride complexes in hypersaline brines
Liu W, Etschmann B, Foran G, Shelley M & Brugger J

(2006) Speciation of FeII in hydrothermal saline brines by x-ray absorption techniques.
Testemale D, Brugger J, Liu W, Etschmann B & Hazemann J-L

(2006) Copper(I) in brines up to supercritical conditions
Brugger J, Liu W, Hazemann J-L, Etschmann B & Testemale D

(2006) A Synchrotron based study of lateritic, gold bearing, iron oxide nodules
Hough R, Ryan C, Anand R, Etschmann B, Harland C & Decarlo F

(2006) The next generation of synchrotron fluorescence imaging for geological applications
Ryan C, Siddons P, Moorhead G, Dunn P, Kirkham R, Dragone A, De Geronimo G, Hough R & Etschmann B

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