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All abstracts by Katy A. Evans in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Effect of Subduction on the Sulfur, Carbon, and Redox Budget of Lithospheric Mantle
Evans K & Powell R

(2015) An in situ Investigation of Chalcophile and Siderophile Element Cycling in Subduction Zones: Insights from High-Pressure Ultramafic Rocks from Alpine Corsica
Crossley R, Evans K, Evans N & McDonald B

(2014) Organic Matter Distal to Macraes Gold Deposit, New Zealand
Hu S, Evans K, Rempel K, Craw D, Grice K & Dick J

(2014) Biogeochemical Influences on Uranium Speciation in the Mulga Rock Sedimentary Uranium Ore Deposit, Western Australia
Cumberland S, Jaraula C, Grice K, Douglas G, Evans K, McCuaig C, Schwark L, Curtain R, Rubanov S, de Jonge M, Howard D & Moreau J

(2014) Organic Geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic ‘Here’s Your Chance’ Pb/Zn/Ag Deposit
Holman A, Grice K, Jaraula C, Evans K, Greenwood P, Schimmelmann A, Brocks J, Böttcher M, Walshe J & Yeats C

(2014) Combined Sulfur, Carbon and Redox Budget Constraints on Genetic Models for Clastic-Dominated Base-Metal Sulfide Deposits: Examples from the Here’s Your Chance Pb-Zn Deposit, Australia
Dick J, Evans K, Holman A, Leach D & Grice K

(2014) Fe Isotopes in Serpentinites: A Positive Fe Isotopic Reservoir in the Oceanic Crust
Scott SR, Sims KWW, Frost BR, Kelemen PB, Evans KA & Schwarzenbach EM

(2014) Element Mobility during Serpentinization
Mothersole F, Evans K & Frost R

(2013) Sources of Sulfur and Sulfur Preservation in Subducted Rocks: An in situ Sulfur Isotope Study
Evans K, Tomkins A & Cliff J

(2012) Organic Geochemical Insights into the Formation of the Here's Your Chance Lead-Zinc-Silver Deposit
Holman A, Grice K, Jaraula C, Dick J, Schimmelmann A & Evans K

(2012) Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Phenanthrene and Isomers of Methylphenanthrene at High Temperature
Dick J, Evans K, Holman A, Jaraula C & Grice K

(2011) What can Equilibrium Thermodynamics Tell us About Metasomatic Alteration?
Evans K

(2011) Serpentine and Brucite Intergrowths: Effects on δ11B
Mothersole F, Evans K & Cliff J

(2011) The Relationship between Subduction Zone Redox Budget and Arc Magma Fertility
Evans K & Tomkins A

(2010) Thermodynamics of Fluid-Rock Interactions with a Metamorphic Petrology Point of View: Example with H2O – CO2 – NaCl Mixtures
Bickle MJ, Dubacq B & Evans K

(2009) New Internally Consistent Data and Activity Composition Models for S-Bearing Phases, and Application to Thermodynamic Modelling of Mafic Greenschist Facies Rocks from the St. Ives Gold Camp, Western Australia
Evans K & Powell R

(2008) A Preliminary Investigation of Chlorine XANES in Silicate Melts
Evans K, Mavrogenes J, O'Neill H, Keller N & Jang L-Y

(2007) Synchrotron Studies of RbBr-Bearing Solutions ±CO2 in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Evans K & Mavrogenes J

(2006) Redox budget: an extensive variable for quantification of redox processes
Evans K

(2006) Improvements in thermodynamic models of hydrothermal fluids through better configurational entropy terms.
Evans K & Powell R

(2005) The Thermodynamics of Mixing in Saline and Mixed Solvent Solutions at Elevated Temperature and Pressure: A Framework for Geological Phase Equilibria Calculations
Evans K & Powell R

(2004) Rate Controls on Chemical Weathering Under Unsaturated Flow
Evans K & Banwart S

(2000) Controls on Iron/Sulphur Ratios on Spoil Heaps and in Mineworkings
Evans K & Banwart S

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