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All abstracts by Fotini Botsou in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Is Magnetic Susceptibility a Good Proxy for Geochemically Reactive Potentially Toxic Elements in Soils?
Botsou F, Argyraki A & Kelepertzis E

(2019) Groundwater Pressures in Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers of Central Greece
Argyraki A, Pyrgaki K, Kelepertzis E, Megremi I, Botsou F & Dermatas D

(2019) Assessing the Natural Background of Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers in Central Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Megremi I, Karavoltsos S & Dassenakis E

(2019) Linking N Cycle to Contamination of Groundwater by Geogenic Cr(VI)
Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Boeckx P & Megremi I

(2017) Geogenic Occurrence of CrVI in Groundwater of Northeast Peloponnese, Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Paraskevopoulou V, Mitsis I & Dassenakis E

(2016) Natural and Anthropogenic Heavy Metals in the Sediments of Saronikos Gulf, Greece: Reviewing 15 Years of Observations
Karageorgis A, Kaberi H, Zervoudaki S, Krasakopoulou E & Botsou F

(2014) Natural vs. Anthropogenic Sources of Heavy Metals and their Distribution in Marine Sediments Around Attica Region, Greece
Karageorgis A & Botsou F

(2014) Geochemistry and Speciation of Cr in Ultramafic Rocks
Andrioti A, Botsou F, Karageorgis A, Koutsopoulou E, Paraskevopoulou V & Scoullos M

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